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How Many Exams are there for CCNP Security?

With each new day, software and networks are more connecting. Their demand is also increasing for all platforms, such as for mobile devices and networks.

It has become essential to equip with some security measures to protect your intent-based networks.

So with increasing security threats, modern security professionals need more skills to deal with security issues and more profound knowledge for security problems.

CCNP Security certification program is a specialized security program that equips the professional with deep knowledge and skills.

image - How Many Exams are there for CCNP Security?
How Many Exams are there for CCNP Security?

You can appear in CCNP exams to get security skills. Stay here to know how many exams are there for CCNP security and prepare for these exams.

How Many Exams are in CCNP Security Certification?

CCNP Security certification program by Cisco is customized with two exams 350-701 that is a core exam and covers topics such as to apply on entire technology. It includes the areas such as automation, programmability.

You can choose another exam for any of your choices from available options from 300-715 SISE, 300-730 SVPN, 300-720 SESA, 300-735 SAUTO, 300-710, and 725 SWSA.

A professional can manage the security of routers, network equipment, switches, and other related equipment to the network on covering these exams.

Certified professionals of CCNP exams are also responsible for supporting, solving firewalls, configuring IDS/IPS solutions, and VPN for networking. It also covers edge network security, threat control, network design, and secure solution.

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How is CCNP Security Certification Beneficial for me?

  • CCNP Security certification is a well-recognized and trusted course that opens new opportunities for you.
  • You can get better career options in multinational organizations.
  • CCNP certified professionals get enhanced skills
  • CCNP certified professionals have the opportunity to get higher salaries

How Should I Prepare for CCNP Security Certification Exams?

You may find many sources for preparation, but SPOTO CCNP security is the best facility for you to choose. They offer a hundred percent guarantee for clearance of exams on the first try. You will get 24/7 assistance to discuss any help.

You will get all the details regarding any help and about the exams. They will provide you notes, online classes, exams schedules, center detail, and much more.

After registering with them, you will become more accessible, and everything will become their responsibility until you get a certificate.

Their professional tutors know how to polish your skills and knowledge to prepare you for the exams.

You will get practice test updates and helpful supporting materials to make you ready for the test. You can visit here https://cciedump.spoto.net/350-701-certificates.php for knowing more and to get detail.

We will highly recommend you SPOTO CCNP security test preparation for the exam because they have an excellent market reputation and people have great trust and confidence in them.


CCNP Security certification is the best certificate offered by Cisco that equips a networking professional with better networking security skills.

The certificate comprises two exams; one is compulsory, while you can choose from options. SPOTO CCNP Security exam preparation is the best place for you to pass that exam on the first attempt.

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