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Practice Tests – Your Best Option for Microsoft AZ-303 Exam During Preparation Phase

The Microsoft AZ-303 exam is developed for those candidates who have the ability to design and implement solutions that run on Microsoft Azure, which include different aspects, for instance, network, storage, compute, and security.

FRANCISZEK B, The Azure solution architects have to fulfill many responsibilities, including giving advice to the stakeholders and translating the business requirements into scalable, reliable, and secure Cloud solutions.

Apart from that, these specialists should partner with the Cloud DBAs, Cloud administrators, and clients for the implementation of these solutions.

image - Practice Tests - Your Best Option for Microsoft AZ-303 Exam During Preparation Phase
Practice Tests – Your Best Option for Microsoft AZ-303 Exam During Preparation Phase

Exam Format

If we look at the format of the AZ-303 test, then it is important to mention that it consists of 40-60 questions that you have to attempt in the timeframe of 150 minutes.

AYAN V, The exam fee is $165 and you need to be ready to take one more test after this one in order to obtain the certificate. In addition, the applicants can attempt Microsoft AZ-303 in the English language.

The outline of the certification exam is the following:

  • Monitoring of Azure infrastructure (50-55%);
  • Implementation and management of security solutions (25-30%);
  • Implementation of solutions for apps (10-15%);
  • Implementation and management of data platforms (10-15%).

To become eligible for the next step in the certification process, you need to prepare such a way so that you will be able to pass Microsoft AZ-303.

Therefore, the learners have to walk an extra mile, and using only official training courses won’t be enough.

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Additional Preparation Options

Many students use exam dumps and practice tests for their preparation because they give them the opportunity to add some more knowledge to the level they gained after the official course.

CLARK A, These tools also help them improve their time management and test-taking skills. However, everything has its pros and cons. Therefore, let’s discuss both these resources in brief and find their best sides.

  1. Practice Tests

Practice tests are usually used during the final step of the candidate’s preparation. But many students consider them their only prep resource, which is a misconception.

These tests help the individuals evaluate the work they have done and prepare them to manage the stress that they might face on the exam day.

KOBI B, Apart from that, there are multiple of them that feature questions along with their answers, so you will get to know why your answer is right or wrong.

There are a lot of platforms where you can find this type of materials, and some of the top ones are the following:

  • CertBolt: It offers this complete tool for your AZ-303 exam. It covers all the questions and answers from the syllabus.
  • PrepAway: It provides you with three full-length mock tests with exam questions.

Moreover, you can also find a number of practice tests on Amazon.

  1. Exam Dumps

Exam dumps should also never be used during preparation as the only preparation tool. Besides, some of them can be outdated or irrelevant to the content of your test.

ANTONIO C, Therefore, you need to think about this format of learning as the additional one and be serious about finding the authentic and real exam questions.

In a Nutshell

Now, you have acquired some basics as well as some information regarding exam dumps as well as practice tests for Microsoft AZ-303.

CALVIN D, So, make sure that you include as many options as you need for getting the desired results. And remember one thing, there are no shortcuts to success, so give your 100% to the task.

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