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How You Can Keep The Bugs Away From Your Kitchen Organically?

No one likes pest infestations in their kitchen. The pests often carry germs and can cause serious health hazards to you and your family by contaminating the food items, cookware, and dishes.

While prevention is always better when it comes to pests, sometimes it is just not enough. In such cases, most people choose toxic fumigants to keep their houses free of pests.

However, there are some organic pest control measures that you can try in your CozyHome kitchen first.

image - How You Can Keep The Bugs Away From Your Kitchen Organically
How You Can Keep The Bugs Away From Your Kitchen Organically?


As we have already said, there is no better way to deal with the pests than using preventive measures. The first of these preventive measures is to wipe down the crumbs or the spills without any delay.

Make sure that you store the food ingredients in the airtight containers. Never leave the dirty dishes in your sink for days. Regularly clean the water bottles with clean and soapy water.

If you keep your garbage inside your kitchen, make sure you keep the can covered. Throwing out the garbage every day is yet another great way to keep the pests away.

If you have a pet in your home, then make sure you remove all the uneaten pet food every day. Keep the dishes and water pots for your pet clean and tidy.

You should also be attentive to the cracks and openings in your walls and windows. Keep some caulk handy and repair the damages the moment you find them.

Maintain your wooden porch and replace the rotten wood planks regularly to keep the pests away.

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Even though most people depend on the fumigation process or sprays blindly, more often than not they do not work as well as you would like.

The toxic chemicals used in the fumigation process not only harm the health of you and your family members but also kills the ants right away.

That means the ants do not get any chance to return to their colony while bearing the toxic chemicals. You can instead create some ant baits with slow working poison which does not harm your health in any way.

Mix 3/4 teaspoon boric acid with some peanut butter and honey and spread it on small pieces of cardboard. Place these cardboards in the places where you see ants.

If this trick does not work, note that the ants residing in your CozyHome kitchen love the protein and grease more than they love the sweets. Use mint apple jelly or mint instead to get some results.

Another way to get rid of the ants is to move the colony away manually. Use crickets as baits, and find out the colony by following the line of the ants. Once you find it, make sure to remove the entire nest.

Flying Insects

Fruits flies and regular flies are some of the flying insects that often come to the kitchens. The first thing you should do is to keep your garbage in a lidded garbage bin.

Also, make sure to clean and wash the soda bottles thoroughly. You should also compost or refrigerate the overly ripe fruits.

Using flypapers in your kitchen can be a great way to get rid of flies of every kind. You can also use the baited jar traps to keep the flies in control.


Eliminating food and water resources is the best way to keep the cockroach population on a tight leash. Replace all the dripping faucets and leaky pipes. Caulk the windows that let any water in.

If you have any idea where the cockroaches are living in your CozyHome kitchen, vacuum that space and put the vacuum bag in the freezer to kill the cockroaches.

Make sure to clean the droppings of the cockroaches as well. These droppings often act as a food source to the younger ones.

You can use the sticky traps for mice as well as jar traps to eradicate the cockroaches organically.

Image - Mice and Rats

Mice and Rats

You should first follow the regular house proofing methods to make sure that the pests do not get any entrance into your house. Plug the entrance holes with weather strippings, steel wools, or caulkings.

If that does not work, you should dig a trench around the perimeter of your home and fill it with gravel. This can discourage rats.

You can also use the galvanized metal sheets to deter the mice from entering your kitchen.

While traps are the most organic method of catching them, by using the glue boards, you will be catching the live rats. That means you have to kill the rats yourself before throwing them away.

All the above methods of keeping the pests out of your CozyHome kitchen are tried and tested by many.

There is no doubt that these methods require some of your time and concentration. However, by taking these measures, you will be able to keep your family from the exposure of the toxic fumes and sprays of fumigation.

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