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How Much Do Blinds Cost?

Not a fan of your new home’s blinds and prefer a certain style? Or are you looking for an excuse to buy new blinds to replace your old ones? Whatever the reason, you ultimately need to find yourself a new set of blinds.

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How Much Do Blinds Cost?

Before you blindly try to find any new blinds, it would be in your best interest to understand how much blinds can cost you.

Once you learn what factors into the overall cost of blinds, you won’t get blindsided by the sticker price, and you can budget accordingly!

The Cost Breakdown of Blinds

Naturally, the average person doesn’t think about the cost of blinds. The blinds in your home only come to your attention when you’re actively using them or have an issue with them.

However, it’s good to have an idea of blinds’ average cost since it can help you search for blinds in your price range.

You can expect to spend a minimum of $209 to as high as $1,256, with the average cost being $722. Yet, this price range can vary from affordable to incredibly expensive, depending on a few factors. Here are a few factors that contribute to the overall cost of blinds:

The Installation Process

One big factor that influences the total cost of blinds is installation. Whether you choose to install your windows yourself or through a professional, the other things you need to consider below will influence the price.

However, there is a price difference between you and a professional installing blinds. If you were to DIY installation, you could expect to pay a lot less in comparison. Though you do pose a risk when installing yourself.

You may do a poor job and cause damage to your window, which can result in repair costs that you could have avoided.

Meanwhile, with a professional, it will be more money but the only reason that’s the case is from the labor required for the job to be done properly. You can expect work to cost between $140 to $500 or up to $50 per window.

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Amount of Windows

Are you looking to install brand new blinds in all the rooms? Or do you only really need to do one? When considering how much it will cost to install your blinds, you can best bet that the number of windows installed with new blinds will dictate how affordable or expensive it can be.

In which case, it’s safe to assume that the more blinds you need to install will be more expensive compared to very few or just one.

The Window Size

On average, the most common window size (24×36) will not do too much damage to your wallet for installing blinds.

However, you can expect to be paying a lot more for your blinds if your windows are extra-large, accounting for the extra surface area. In addition, if your window is unusually shaped, it can be potentially expensive.

The Blinds Style

It might seem like the style of blinds can be rather limited. They’re normally just considered to be simple slats at first glance. So, you would assume it shouldn’t affect the cost too much, right? Wrong! Style can affect pricing.

Consider the cost of vertical blinds, which usually run between $30 to $80 each. Meanwhile, 1-inch slatted Venetian blinds, known as mini blinds, can cost between $6 to $90, while its common 2-inch slatted counterpart can cost around $25 to $140 apiece.

The Blinds Material

You can guarantee that whatever material you choose will affect how much your blinds cost. Typically, aluminum blinds are the most inexpensive since they’re priced between $48 – $400 per window.

However, when you’re considering wood, it can be a bit pricier depending on the type of wood. That’s why it can range between $64 – $600 per window.

However, whatever material you choose is important since they’re what can help best reflect what you want most out of your blinds. In that case, whatever the price will pay itself in its worth and utility.

A Motorised Functions

Nowadays, you can expect to see more blinds with smarter features. Gone are the days when you need to pull a cord to bring in the light! However, the traditional pull cords are rather economical.

But, if you go with features like including a motorized function that will open and close your blinds for you, that will be more money in comparison.

However, it’s becoming more common for it to be an affordable, convenient feature. The only time it gets more expensive is when you’re including smart upgrades like being able to open and close your blinds from your phone.

For a simple window covering, the price of blinds can be surprisingly different depending on various factors. With these factors in mind, you can best find the blinds for you that are both budget-friendly and look good!