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How Much Does It Cost to Service an HVAC? Your HVAC Cost Guide

Whether you’re in the heat of the summer or the cold of midwinter, there’s no mistaking that your HVAC unit is the only thing keeping you sane. You and your family need to make sure your heating and air conditioning are in top condition so you can stay comfortable all year round.

With this in mind, the last thing you want to experience is your HAVC system failing on you when you need it most. You can keep this from happening by having your HVAC unit maintained and serviced. That said, what’s the HAVC cost of having your unit taken care of?

This article goes in-depth with what prices to expect when getting your HVAC system serviced, so you’ll be in the know when the bill comes. Keep reading to find out more!

How Much Does an HVAC Cost to Repair?

As with all services, the price that you pay will differ from region to region, but you can still find out the average cost of each service you may need. The biggest price difference would be based on the factor of whether you have a service contract or not.

With a service contract, you can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $500 for the duration of the contract. However, by paying for the amount upfront (whether all at once or in monthly payments), you will be able to have unlimited servicing for both your heating and air conditioning systems.

For non-contract services, you will have to pay a separate service fee for both the heating and the air conditioning units. However, not all HVAC services are created equal. Make sure you find stellar services, like heating repair in Baltimore that you deserve.

If you’re having the air conditioning unit serviced, you will be paying an average of $75 to $200 for a basic tune-up, whereas it would cost you an average of $125 to $350 to have your heating unit serviced.

HVAC repair services tend to work on an hourly basis, with the service call fee being around $75 to $200 which is applied to the first hour.

Each of the following hours will cost you an average of $75 to $150, but in most cases, the HVAC repair or tuneup should take less than two hours to complete and you’ll be back to enjoying the comforts of your home in no time!

Now that you know how much you’ll be paying for your HVAC services, you need to make sure you find a qualified professional who can take care of your HVAC system. For more information, check out this site to see where and how to get your hands on the right HVAC services you need!

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Now You Know the Cost for HVAC Repairs

Since you now have an idea as to how much you can expect your HVAC to cost, you can get your HVAC system repaired in no time and get back to living in a comfortable home.

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