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The Security Benefits of Palisade Fencing

Security is a key component when it comes to any type of fencing. Sure, it needs to look good, but it also needs to be fully functional, no matter what kind of fence you’re looking for. In commercial properties, fencing takes on a whole new set of criteria.

For many businesses, the go-to option is palisade fencing, but what benefits does it give you? Let’s take a closer look.

image - The Security Benefits of Palisade Fencing
The Security Benefits of Palisade Fencing

Palisade fencing, if you’re unsure, is a metal fence that can reach up to 3 metres high. It’s constructed by joining numerous vertical metal joists across two horizontal rails. The joists come with either ‘D’ or ‘W’ form factors, so named because of the shape of the joists when you look down on them.

W Type Designed

Both joists provide security, but the ‘W’ type is designed to make it more difficult to get over because of the points and edges it creates.

It’s important to remember that both options make it difficult for anyone to climb over because of the lack of footholds, which means both offer effective security for your property.

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Greek And Roman Times

Palisade fencing, in one form or another, has been popular since Greek and Roman times, when a wooden version was used to contain their military camps and fortresses.

Since the design changed to steel, palisade fencing is primarily used for commercial properties because it’s a secure and durable fence that prevents intruders from gaining access to a property. They also make it almost impossible for someone to hide behind the fence.

Nowadays, as palisade fencing is predominately made of steel, it has become a much more secure and viable security feature. While it’s often galvanised, it can be powder-coated too. This means it’s resistant to even the most extreme changes in weather we experience here in the UK.

The fact that it’s constructed of such hard-wearing materials means that it’s both durable and difficult to break down or get over. Not only that, it looks very imposing.

Palisade fencing offers a strong visual deterrent to those looking to break into a property, without detracting from the visual appearance of the premises you’re looking to secure.

Once your steel palisade fencing is installed, other than some minor inspection requirements to check the nuts and bolts are still tight, there’s not a great deal for you to do in terms of upkeep. This means the fence is easy to maintain when compared to other types.

Few fencings options tick as many boxes as palisade fencing does. From its relatively simple construction, almost maintenance-free upkeep, durability, and security qualities, the functional benefits are clear.

In a world where the economic climate is difficult at best when you’re looking to invest in your security long-term, palisade fencing is a clear winner for everyone.

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