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Innovative and Stylish Ideas for Bathroom Cabinets

When it comes to Bathroom suites, practicality is key. You do not want to have too little space to move around in, nor do you want it to be too mismatched with its fixings.

To achieve a balance of aesthetics while making good use of the space for storage purposes, bathroom cabinetry is something to consider for everyone as they come in various shapes and sizes, with customizable space options.

The following ideas for bathroom cabinetry can be grouped into a few categories. Mainly, space optimization, styles, and colors.

image - Innovative and Stylish Ideas for Bathroom Cabinets
Innovative and Stylish Ideas for Bathroom Cabinets

Space Optimization

The first category we are going to delve into features many innovative ways of making your bathroom look spacious, while at the same time retaining the storage space you require.

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Using a Sleek Vanity

For smaller bathrooms, space constraints may bring forth a headache. However, using floating vanities that are smaller tend to work pretty well in limited space.

By making the storage space merge into the bathroom, there is a semblance of more floor space, which will also lead to the bathroom to feel less cramped.

Making use of the Space Below

Many people have the misconception that the bathroom cabinet ends where it ends, thus neglecting the space below it. It is a smart way to optimize space usage by adding a few organizers below the vanity to hold your bath towels or other miscellaneous bathroom stuff.

Adding Cabinets in a Nook

If your bathroom has an extra storage corner, you may want to switch it out for an open-faced cabinet to give your bathroom a sleeker and more modernized look, as well as to add extra space. Sometimes, this works better with a customized cabinet, but the payoff will be worth it.

Having Multiple Smaller Drawers

Those with too much stuff to store and tidy away will understand the pain of having not enough storage space in a bathroom. To alleviate this worry, you can try installing multiple smaller drawers in your vanity cabinet.

With smaller drawers in your bathroom, you can have ample space to categorize your necessities and organize them properly.

Removing Handles

Handles can make furniture look out of place and bulky, especially when found in smaller sized bathrooms. In such cases, handles can be swapped for a drawer with mechanisms that afford you a simple, modernized look.

Introduce Hanging Shelves

If you need more innovative ideas for extra storage space without compromising the aesthetic of your bathroom, introduce hanging shelves. Instead of floating cabinets, drilling shelves above your vanity can give you both the added space and help to make the bathroom look less empty.

Do take note that such hanging shelves only work for long vanities with no sinks installed.

image - Have a Longer and Wider Vanity

Have a Longer and Wider Vanity

Customized vanities may just be the solution to your storage problems. With a longer or wider vanity table, it will ensure that you have ample pockets of space you may require, and on the other hand, the customized measurements will seamlessly fit into the layout of your bathroom.

Another method is to install cabinets that can add to your vanity such that it fits well into the layout and theme of your bathroom. Such examples will be a tall cabinet specifically for towels or linens next to cupboards.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

If you do not mind going all out, why not indulge in some luxurious floor-to-ceiling cabinets to furnish your bathroom? Not only will it be a sight to behold, but having such cabinet fixings allow for an infinite amount of storage space. Talk about aesthetics and practicality.

Style and Colour

In this category, we will be exploring options that bring forth the best color combinations, as well as styles best suited for various kinds of bathrooms.

A Modern Style

Something minimalist will easily give a compact and classy look to your bathroom. By using suitable wallpaper patterns and the right number of drawers and cabinets, you can easily secure the chic and clean look one would envy you for.

A Boho Feel

If your bathroom is of a smaller and more one-person size, try fitting the cabinet under the sink instead of beside it. The floating shelves that will be placed above the toilet itself will give you the additional nooks of space you require, as well as add on to the beach vibes to your bathroom layout.

Blending in

Another trick to complement your bathroom layout entirely is using similar shades for your bathroom fixtures. By having your walls painted similarly to the cabinet colors, your bathroom will be a seamless masterpiece without anything looking out of place.


The trend for bathroom themes has come a long way. Right now, natural and or wooden themes are in line with the minimalist look, especially if you prefer a more rugged and flawed look for your bathroom.

Drawers and or cabinets can be easily found in such finishing and will complement especially well for seaside houses.

Vintage Styles

Adding onto neutrality, vintage, and rustic styles will never do you wrong. This is where you can make use of old, second-hand items such as tables to remake them into a vanity dresser for your bathrooms.

With cost-effective and aesthetic solutions like these, having a vintage style bathroom will be appeasing both to your wallet and your eyes.

Monochrome It

Keeping your entire bathroom centered around one extreme of black or white can provide an illusion of the bathroom having more depth than it has. It will also give you more options and alternatives when it comes to decorating it later on.


If your dream bathroom always looked royal and luxurious, similar to those in a penthouse, look no further. By having a navy-blue oriented bathroom, elegance will be infused in every nook and cranny. To top it all off, gold furnishings or accessories such as drawer handles can be used to elevate the classy look.

Color it Up

Although modern and clean styles are all the rage nowadays, who says you can’t add spice and a splash of color to your bathroom? It is good to note that while deciding on the coat of colors, bold and primary colors work best.

image - Different Textures

Different Textures

A bathroom does not only have to follow one concept, pattern, or theme. Bringing in many different kinds of textures and surfaces can make your bathroom look all the more unique and interesting.

By alternating and giving different heights to your furnishings, you will be making the bathroom stand out on a good note, not to mention providing various uses for them accordingly.


Now that we have explored a plethora of options when it comes to dressing up your bathroom, take your pick and look forward to a sparkling new themed bathroom!

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