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How Much is an Oil Change for a BMW?

An oil change is one of the most vital services that you must perform for your BMW to maintain the engine’s quality and increase fuel efficiency.

If you ignored the oil change and the oil starts to deplete in the engine, it could bring engine failure which would be tough to handle.

image - How Much is an Oil Change for a BMW
How Much is an Oil Change for a BMW

One of the most important and the most frequent ones that have been asked is how much cost should be expected from the oil change of BMW.

Let’s have a look at what are the important aspects of an oil change. Moreover, you can bring your BMW to our BMW car mechanic for the oil change.

Why Does Your Bmw Need an Oil Change?

Before we go to the price section of the oil, it is better if we give you the idea and knowledge that why an oil change is needed for your BMW.

Oil is necessary for the car to work efficiently and properly.

Engine oil provides lubrication to the engine of your BMW to prevent it from wear and tear and also to avoid the rise in temperature in the engine.

Moreover, when the engine has the right quantity of oil in it, it does not need much power to work or move the internal components as they slip easily over one another.

Thus, if you will maintain the right amount of oil in your engine, it will automatically improve its fuel efficiency.

With time, the debris and other contaminants are collected in the BMW engine which can harm the components if you did not take care of the oil and get it changed on time.

This will affect your engine, its quality and longevity, and also your driving. However, a question might come to your mind that how often one should get the oil changed.

It all depends on how you drive and in what kind of environment you are driving. Moreover, the user’s manual can help you get an idea of how often should change it.

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What Could Be the Price for A Bmw Oil Change?

According to the Kelly Blue Book, the BWM oil change cost ranges from $95 to$144 for labor and parts costs.

However, if you want to do the oil change on your own, you can cut the labor cost that ranges between $57 to %87.

You should not try changing the oil of BMW on your own because it requires a specific skill set and a set of tools, so it is always better to get it changed.

What Kind of Motor Oil Is Good for My BMW?

To know about the right motor oil, a vehicle’s user manual is the right place to go to get the right information about the oil grade, type, and frequency.

However, in general, there are three common types of motor oils in the automotive industry which are listed below.

The Conventional Oil

This is the most used oil in the industry of motor vehicles and it is also one of the cheapest oils present in the market.

However, it requires frequent changes. The workshops usually ask the car owners to get their conventional change on every 3000 miles, however, you can change it after 5000 miles also.

The Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil is the top choice of motor oils and it is great for high-performance vehicles.

The oil not only provides the highest level of lubrication and great additional performance but you can also keep the vehicle running up to 15,000 miles before you change the oil.

The Semi-Synthetic Oil

It is the combination of two oils; conventional and synthetic. This is suitable for heavier vehicles with longer driving sessions.

This oil is not as expensive as synthetic oil but also doesn’t provide the same efficiency as synthetic oil.

If you are using a semi-synthetic oil, this means you do not have to change the motor oil till you touch the 8000 miles mark.

When it comes to deciding which motor oil is best for your automotive, it all depends on the kind of driving you to do and the area where you are living.

How Often Should You Change Your Bmw Oil?

It all depends on the kind of oil you are using, the model you are driving, and your area’s environment.

If you are using synthetic oil, you can drive up to 15,000 miles without any oil change.

However, with a semi-synthetic oil, you can go up to 8000 miles and with the conventional oil, your BMW would do great between 3000 to 5000 miles.


It is always best and never recommended that you skip your oil change appointment with your BMW.

This will help you give your car the right quality and quantity of the oil that it requires for proper functioning and movement.

BMW oil change cost ranges from $90 to $150, depending on the repairing require or any other mechanical aspect needed for it.

However, if you think you can change the BMW oil on your own, then the labor cost will not be included which will drop the rate of an oil change.

It does not matter what’s the final price of the oil, you should get it changed on time.