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Top 7 Pro Tips for Remodeling Your Dining Room

The average cost of a living room remodel is around $7,400. If you’re making such a large investment in your dining room, how can you be sure you get the results you’re after?

To get the best results from remodeling your dining room, it helps to have a plan and know what you want.

That way, you’ll create a beautiful, stylish, and practical room that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

image - Top 7 Pro Tips for Remodeling Your Dining Room
Top 7 Pro Tips for Remodeling Your Dining Room

To learn more, keep reading to find seven pro tips for remodeling your dining room.

1. Knock Down Some Walls

To make the most of your dining room remodel, consider tearing down a wall or two! This is because many older homes were built in a very compartmentalized style, with separate walls and doors for each room.

However, the more modern home is now more open-plan, as this can make a house feel bigger and help create more versatile spaces.

If your dining room feels very separate from the rest of the home, think about opening it up by removing a wall to make it feel lighter and airier.

Just always take extreme care when doing this, as you don’t want to accidentally remove a weight-bearing wall.

2. Expand in Size

If your budget allows, you might want to add some square footage to your dining room. This can give you more usable space, especially for families.

A larger living room is also good for entertaining, as it gives you more space to add a bar, more sitting areas, or additional furniture.

However, a home expansion can be expensive, and it’s also likely to require planning permits from your town or country.

You’ll want to work with both an architect and a builder, as they’ll be able to bring your new dining room to life.

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3. Add More Natural Light

One amazing way to remodel your dining room is by changing your lighting. If you can add natural light to your dining room, via windows or skylights, it can totally transform the look of the room.

After all, eating a meal under artificial light is never as nice as eating under natural light! Think about the type of lighting you’d like to add many homeowners love the look of bay windows, as they can be a stylish focal point for the room.

You can also update your overhead lighting during the remodel. Overhead lighting comes in many more options than you might realize, so we recommend looking for a modern and unique lighting fixture that will match the style of your dining room.

4. Update Your Furniture

Once you have a stylish new dining room, you need updating furnishings to match! Update your dining room set with something stylish and modern that suits the needs of your family.

Remember, dining rooms don’t need to be formal and stuffy, so select your decor with practicality in mind.

You want to be able to use your dining room as much as possible—it doesn’t only need to be a place for special occasions.

Think about your accessories as well, including sideboards, artwork, and decorative accents, as they can really help pull a room together.

What to do with your old dining room set? You might be able to sell it online, or why not donate it to a charity?

That way, it can have a new lease on life, helping a family in need.

5. Try Out a New Color Scheme

One of our dining room remodeling tips is to think about your color scheme. While many homeowners tend to use wallpaper in their dining room, or neutral colors like beige or grey, this doesn’t need to be the case.

You can style your dining room in any color palette that you enjoy, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box! At the moment, we’re seeing lots of dining rooms done in earth tones, whites, pale blues, and even yellow.

6. Consider Your Flooring Needs

Next, think about your dining room flooring—what would work best for you? For most families, it’s a choice between carpet or hardwood floors.

Often, hardwood is a good choice for a dining room, since it’s easier to clean up any food spills than it would be on a carpet.

However, it can also be cold underfoot in winter, so you might want to put down a large rug.

7. Express Your Personality Through Design

Our last time for your dining room remodel is to have fun and be creative! Your home is your own special space, so there’s no right or wrong way to decorate it.

Try to express your personality through your style and design choices, as that way you’ll be sure to love the results.

You might want to work with an interior designer, as they can help you create your ideal look.

Otherwise, you can also do it yourself, as there’s plenty of free resources online for design ideas and inspiration.

Update Your Dining Room with These Tips

To make the most of your dining room remodel, the ideas and tips above are sure to help.

Whether you’re doing a major renovation or just making a few updates, the key to success is being organized.

Work out your budget, make a plan of what needs to be done (and when), then create a schedule for yourself.

It will help you get the amazing results you want for your dining room without going over budget!

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