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Down and Dirty Facts: How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

Did you know that 36 percent on Americans deep clean their carpets only once a year (if at all)?

Having carpeting is better than tile or hardwood for those people who want to take their shoes off and feel the soft carpet beneath their feet.

However, having a carpet is also tricky for those who don’t know how to maintain it.

How often should carpets be cleaned? Read on to find out.

Image - Down and Dirty Facts - How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned
Down and Dirty Facts: How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

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Vacuuming Regularly

Although vacuuming is not a replacement for deep cleaning a carpet, it does help carpets last longer.

Vacuuming at least once a week will help loosen dust and grime before it penetrates deep into the fibers.

Regularly vacuuming the carpet allows more time to pass in between deep cleanings. If you vacuum once or twice a week, you can extend the life of your carpet.

However, if you vacuum less often, it’s time you get your carpet deep cleaned twice a year.

Someone in the Household Has Allergies

If you look closely at the fibers of the carpets, you will find dust and allergens clinging on to the fibers. Over time, these allergens will accumulate if you don’t vacuum or clean often.

Whenever somebody steps on the dirty carpet, the particles become airborne and float around the house. These dust particles will return to the carpet and create a vicious cycle.

If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, one great way to make the air more breathable is by cleaning the carpet more often. Try cleaning the carpet at least once a month during allergy season.

It’s also recommended you have it professionally cleaned twice a year.

The Color of Your Carpet

The color of your carpet also affects how often you get it cleaned. Although many people love a light color carpet to open up the room, it’s also a recipe for disaster if someone spills coffee or pasta sauce.

If you decide to get a light color carpet, you will have to clean more often to maintain its appearance.

Unlike with dark colors, you can always tell when it’s time to clean a light color carpet. People might let more time go by before they clean their dark colored carpets—but that doesn’t mean they get dirty any slower.

Your Carpet Might Have a Warranty

A lot of people look at their carpet as an investment. If you purchased a good quality carpet, chances are it came with a warranty.

In order to keep the warranty valid, most carpet manufacturers ask that you adhere to a carpet cleaning schedule. Depending on the manufacturer, you might have to get the carpet professionally cleaned once or twice a year.

If you file a claim with the manufacturer, you will have to show your receipts as proof.

Make sure you check with the manufacturer to see if your carpet has a warranty.

Do You Have Pets?

Although pets are part of the family, they also tend to have accidents on carpets a lot more often than other family members.

If you have dogs, you can expect to have a few accidents here and there even when they’re well-trained. The last thing you want is to have permanent feces, urine, or vomit stains on your carpet.

Aside from any accidents your pets might have, they can also leave behind dander, dirt, mud, and other grime. It’s recommended you clean pet accidents on the spot to reduce the risk of stains and permanent odor.

But even so, spot cleaning with odor neutralizing sprays doesn’t replace a deep cleaning. If you have pets, it’s recommended you have your carpets professionally cleaned every three to six months.

Small Children

If you have small children, then you know they’re capable of making big messes. When they’re not writing on the walls with marker, they’re spilling grape juice all over the carpet.

Having children often makes parents afraid they won’t be able to have nice things anymore. However, if you keep up with carpet maintenance, you can keep it looking clean even with kids in the house.

Sometimes the best carpet cleaner can help you get rid of those stains your children might leave behind.

If you have children, you should clean the high-traffic areas of the carpet twice a year. You should also bring a professional to clean the carpets yearly.

Children and Pets

When you have both children and pets, your carpets have a double the threat. Between muddy paws and sticky fingers, you will see the dirt pile up on your carpet even faster.

The combination of pets and children means your carpet will require more attention to stay clean. You should clean it yourself every two to three months. Also, call a professional to clean it quarterly so your carpet will always look clean.

Shoes Indoors

Although many people don’t allow shoes in the house, there are some that don’t like to abide by this rule.

If you allow shoes in the house, you can drag many things into the house on the bottom of your shoes. Think about all of the places you visit on a given day such as public restrooms, parks, sidewalks, and any other unsanitary place.

Allowing shoes indoors will wear out the fibers of your carpet sooner. All of the extra dirt and grime you bring in can leave permanent wear on the carpet.

It’s important you clean the carpet consistently if you allow shoes indoors. You should get the carpet professionally cleaned once a year, and perform your own cleanings quarterly.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned: The Bottom Line

How often should carpets be cleaned? The answer depends on several factors.

Some carpets should be cleaned twice a month if you have children, pets, and allergies. If you vacuum regularly, you might only have to get it cleaned once a year.

Do you want to learn more about home improvement? Check out the rest of our blog.

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