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How to Pick the Best Curtains

Choosing proper curtains is the same important for any space as picking up fitting furniture and lighting.

If the shades are too thick, the room will be dark even on the brightest day, but if they are too transparent, our living space will not be protected from light good enough. The best solution to this issue is Clear Roll Up Curtains.

Moreover, the fabric also matters greatly!

So how not screw everything up and choose the optimal variant?

Read on for more information.

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How to Pick the Best Curtains

Choosing Shades For Home. Small Hints to Consider

To buy shades that will both fit our space and do their job properly, we need to take into account several factors to be able to pick up the most fitting option.

Choosing curtains may seem to be very easy, and most people would simply go to the nearest store and buy what they see first.

However, in this case, you are risking purchasing blinds that will not fit the interior of the room or won’t protect the room from the light well enough.

In addition, the fabric also matters since different materials have different light-protecting abilities.

So what to pay attention to when deciding what blinds to purchase?

1. Consider the Fabric Varieties

Prior to making the final decision, take into account what material your curtains will be made of. It will affect the way the blinds will hang and drape, and also the easiness of cleaning them.

Moreover, the durability of the shades will also significantly depend on the fabric.

For instance, polyester curtains are among the most affordable and easy to maintain options even though the material is rather stretchy.

Since it is also the widespread fabric on the market, polyester curtains have lots of color and pattern varieties to choose from.

If you want something sheer and elegant, opt for the linen drapes. They are wavy and provide an elegant tailored look to the room.

Looking for something airy and light? Then consider voile or lace blinds. These will protect the room from the bright lighting but will still keep it well-lit and provide some privacy.

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2. What are your Needs?

Before buying curtains, ask yourself what you need them for. Are you looking for functional items or you need something more aesthetic? Or, maybe, both? When you answer this question, you will significantly narrow the variety of options down.

Let’s say, you need something to give the room a new look. In this case, opt for the sheer drapes made of voile or lace.

But if the goal is to block out the light, then polyester or thicker fabrics (e.g. velvet or linen) will be better.

Finally, for darkening the room completely, you might want to go for blackouts made of opaque fabric.

3. Space Matters

We seldom think about this factor, but not all types of curtains will fit a certain kind of room.

For instance, polyester drapes will be way better for bedrooms due to their ability to control light whilst sheer curtains are better suited for living rooms since they provide lovely diffused lighting.

Linen drapes are better to be hung in a casual-style living room or dining space, whereas posh velvet or silk blinds will look more suitable in a formal space (dining room, living room, etc).

4. Patterns and Colors

This is what we pay attention to most when choosing curtains for our home. However, it is essential to not overdo it since, again, patterns are not suitable in any room.

For the kids’ bedroom, for instance, it is OK to pick up blinds with funny patterns on them whilst the kitchen will win from having light and printless curtains or those with the traditional or floral pattern on.

For the living room, on the contrary, it is better to pick up plain blinds, and your sleeping space will look better with the curtains that have elegant patterns.

In terms of color, you need to consider where the curtains will be hung. For the bedroom, no matter whether it is yours or your kid’s, we would recommend choosing blinds of calming colors.

Hanging upon your preferences, they can be chocolate-brown, pink, purple, navy blue, or even deep-green. Only remember that the fabric must be able to block the light properly.

For the common spaces like living rooms or dining rooms, opt for the lighter drapes of white, beige, light grey, etc. Of course, make sure the color of the drapes fits the overall color palette of the room!

Finally, your kitchen can win from bright-colored curtains or from light-colored with some vivid pattern on them. But again, take into account the color of its walls and the palette of the interior in general.

It only seems that picking up curtains is so bothersome, in fact, if you consider all the important points we mentioned above, you’ll easily choose the most fitting blinds that will make your home even cozier!

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