Your window cover plays a huge role in how beautiful your room is and the quality of sleep you get.

In case you don’t know, sleeping well helps you to function better and feel better. Proper sleeping patterns are even more important for small children or teenagers.

You need to do everything possible to ensure that they get sound sleep. One way to ensure this is by installing a window covering that supports good sleep by reducing light penetration into the room.

image - What are the Best Window Coverings for Your Bedroom?

What are the Best Window Coverings for Your Bedroom?

When selecting the best window covering for your bedroom, there are many things to consider.

However, light control and privacy are the primary focus. In the daytime, the window should enable sun rays to penetrate the room, while in the nighttime, it should allow you to have your privacy and prevent light and noise from entering.

Things to Consider When Decorating Your Bedroom Windows

Windows treatment should not only be centered on beautifying your room. It should also make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

To achieve this while using your preferred room decor, you need to consider the following things;

Light Management

The foremost thing to consider when searching for window coverings for your bedroom is the direction of the sun rays in relation to the window.

Again, you have to decide the amount of sunlight you will allow into the room. Your decision is what will determine the kind of windows covering you will need.

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Energy Efficiency

In combination with sunlight penetration, windows are one of the primary sources of heat in the room.

It’s advisable to choose a window covering that will stimulate a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Importantly, your window’s direction, location, and the number of windows you have in your bedroom determine the amount of energy lost or maintained in your space. So you need to keep this in mind when choosing a window cover.


Your privacy should be considered when buying window coverings. Through an uncovered or poorly covered window, intruders can easily see what goes in your room.

Whether the size of your window is big or small, you need to go for a covering that will provide maximum privacy.

Aesthetic Views

Your window covering should reflect your preferred style. A beautifully decorated window cover can boost your mood upon entering your bedroom.

As such, you have to be deliberate about the color texture and patterns you choose for your window covers.

Best Window Coverings for Your Bedroom

There are several window covers available on the market right now. Most of which you can get at EZ Window Solutions.

So in case you are not sure of which window cover to go for, we have listed some of the best bedroom window coverings selections for you.

Lined Draperies

Drapes are easy to manage (open and close). However, drapes with a lining are the best option for light and noise control.

The lining adds another layer of insulation to drapes to prevent any undesirable noise.

Additionally, drape materials are available in different colors, fabrics, and texture choices. It also adds elegance to your window layout.

Roman Shades

The Roman Shades can be weaved from a diverse range of fabrics and into different styles.

Depending on the materials used to weave, Roman Shades can block excessive sunlight from entering the room and increase your privacy level.

So, if you want the best coverings for your bedroom, you can opt for Roman Shades for better results.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are the perfect coverings for bedrooms. They are perfect for controlling the temperature levels in a room.

The sheer fabric in cellular shades allows natural light to enter during the daytime. While the blackout fabric creates a darker ambiance during the nighttime, giving way for a perfect sleep.

Cellular shades are suitable for noise reduction. They are also available in a variety of colors and styles for you to choose your preferred type.

Blackout Roller Solar Shades

Blackout roller shades are strong and durable. They are perfect for use in all kinds of weather.

If you work during the night and sleep during the day, then solar roller coverings are a perfect choice for you.

During the day, roller solar prevents the rays from entering your room, making your space dark, making you sleep better.

These are just some of the top window coverings available on the market right now. Depending on your taste and style, any of these coverings we do.