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How To Make a Bedroom Cool?

The summer heat is unbearable at times. The humidity can be extreme depending on where you live; it makes you sweat like a pig. So, most people prefer to stay indoors, avoiding the summer blaze.

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How To Make a Bedroom Cool?

But what if your bedroom feels like a chamber in hell? People cannot live comfortably inside the house as the rooms are too hot to stay in. Therefore, one must ensure the rooms are cooler in temperature. Continue reading to learn practical and effective tips to keep the heat down.

Pick A Cooler Shade

Dark colors retain heat for a long. Therefore, paint the room with a cool shade. Light blue, green, and shades of white are the perfect colors for your bedroom walls.

These light colors help the room stay calm and cool. You don’t feel agitated when you look at an empty, white wall. Instead, the light tones help you be more centered and calm.

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Turn On The AC

Thank God for the invention of the Air Conditioning system. You can set the temperature between 24-27 degrees Celsius to avoid high electricity bills.

Make sure the doors and windows are sealed shut, or the room will not cool down quickly. If you have broken windows, the space will fail to cool down faster, and you will get a high electricity bill.

Therefore, consider window replacement to save money. When installing a new window, ensure there are no gaps through which air can leak out.

Add Blinds

At times, the glass windows let in sun rays directly inside the room, making the interiors warm. So, the simple solution to this problem would be to add blinds that block the sunlight from entering through the window.

You will be surprised to see how cool your room feels once you block out the direct sunlight.

Indoor Plants

Plants are known for making the interior cooler. Therefore, be experimental and put indoor plants into your room. The plants also make your bedroom look prettier.

One who wants minimalistic looks in their bedroom may add a plant or two to fill up the space while staying true to the aesthetic of the design. Here are some names of indoor plants that look great in the bedroom.

  • Lavender
  • Lady Palm
  • Arica Palm
  • English Ivy
  • Chinese Evergreen
  • Boston Fern
  • Rubber Plant.

Open The Doors At Night

You may close the windows and door to keep the light out in the morning. But, you must do the opposite at night to let the air flow inside.

Open the windows and doors at night and let the wind come through inside the house. When the outside air flows in, you do not have to turn on the Air conditioner. All you need is a ceiling fan to circulate the air to different corners of the room.

Interesting Hacks

If you have a stand fan, you can use the same to your advantage. If your AC breaks down, you can use this simple hack. Take a large bowl filled with ice and chilled water. Now place the bowl on a stool in front of a stand fan. The fan will blow cool air right to you as you enjoy a good night’s sleep.