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The Different Types of AC Systems for Your Home

Air conditioning is a modern convenience that everyone needs to try at least once. Nothing is more satisfying than walking into your home from a hot, humid day to a cold blast of air.

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The Different Types of AC Systems for Your Home

There are multiple types of AC systems you’ll encounter, but not every type is a good fit for every home. Here are some of the different kinds of air conditioning available.

Types of AC Systems

Of the many types of AC systems out there, this article will go over five of the most common. The kind you’ll be able to install in your home will depend on your structure, as well as its size.

Central AC

Central air conditioning is best for large homes with multiple rooms you want to be cooled. It uses a split system that regulates air through ducts installed throughout your home, such as above your ceiling or below your floor.

The advantages are that it lowers humidity and creates an overall cooler environment, but it can also consume a lot of energy.

To find some examples, you can check out Reznor HVAC for options.

Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioners

For houses without ductwork, one of your options is a ductless mini-split air conditioner. They combine an outdoor compressor and condenser with one or more units, providing an exterior system that accomplishes the same goal as central AC.

One of the only disadvantages to this type of home AC is that each room needs a separate unit installed.

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Window Unit

Window units are the perfect option for apartments or homes where you are limited in your AC options and want something easy to install. As the name implies, they’re installed at your room’s windows.

All of the components are limited to a single box, but that means each individual unit only provides cool air for the room it’s in. Window AC units also take up part of your window space, meaning you have to sacrifice part of your view.

Portable Unit

Portable units are like window units, only they aren’t permanently installed into your windows. They use the window to funnel out exhaust air, but they’re easily moved from room to room.

Hybrid Air Conditioner

Hybrid AC unit systems use both burning fossil fuels and electricity to provide air conditioning while saving money and energy. In the summer, the heat pump works as normal. But in the winter, your system works in reverse, pulling heat from outside into your home.

Packaged Terminal AC

PTAC or packaged terminal air conditioner is a type of self-contained heating and air conditioning system perfect for small or additional rooms and sunrooms. It is mounted on the wall or window with the option of ventilation that brings fresh air from outside the building and is operated individually.

The greatest benefit of using this type of air conditioner is that, during warm weather, it will cool the room and heat the room during cool weather. PTAC4Less offers affordable refurbished packaged terminal air conditioners units to reduce energy costs and improve efficiency

Benefits of Air Conditioning

Aside from the comfort factor, air conditioning has other additional benefits.

Chilled rooms tend to keep insects out, as well as filtering out pollen and other allergens. It’ll also mean less sweating, which can be an issue in more humid climates.

Give Your Home a Cool Upgrade

Air conditioning is no longer for the privileged few. You’ll find different types of AC systems all over the world, and they’re a terrific investment if you want to keep your home comfortably cool.

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