Renovating your home is already a costly task. When you need to upgrade your window treatments, there are many essential factors you need to consider, such as your home’s design, your taste, and most importantly, cost.

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How Much Should I Budget for Window Coverings?

When thinking of window coverings, depending on the type you’d like to fit in your window, it may cost you hundreds of dollars.

That’s why you must do a cost analysis to know how much you need to have the coverings you envision.

The Cost of Window Treatments

When talking about window coverings, we talk about quality investments that we intend to last for a long time, assuming you opt for durable materials.

It is challenging to budget on window coverings. Many factors will influence the cost of window solutions, such as the size of your windows and the material of your choice.

However, you may need to conduct thorough research to gain more insight on how long it could take you to save up for the coverings of your dream.

Generally, window coverings cost from approximately $106 to $828 per window per treatment. However, the current average cost for new covers stands at $463 per window.

Cost of Curtains

There are a variety of popular curtains and generally cost from $20 to $400 per set. Some of the most popular types include;

  • Scrim styles
  • Sheet curtains
  • Blackout curtains

Scrim styles and blackout curtains cost from $20 to $400, while sheet curtains may cost up to $250.

Besides the type of the curtain, other factors also influence the price of curtains, such as the material, length, and width. Some of the popular polyester curtains cost up to $60 for 29X45 and up to $90 for 42X90.

Another cost to add to your budget for window covering, apart from the window covering itself, is the labor price of installing them.

If you are thinking of made-to-fit curtains, you will have to part with a lot of pennies. Custom-made curtains may cost anywhere between $250 to $250 to $2000 per panel.

The total cost of labor will depend on the material and its length and width. Synthetics and cotton are more affordable, while materials such as silk being the most expensive.

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Cost of Custom Drapes

Drapes cost about the same price as curtains. Most of the time, people use both terms interchangeably.

Typically, drapes are long panels that run past the windowsill. They are traditional coverings replaced by the many varieties of curtains available in the market today.

Cost of Window Shades

The cost of shades varies depending on the type. Some of the common types available include:

  • Roman Shades

These shades cost between $380 to $1400 for a complete house installation.

Each shade will range from $30 to $120 and $150 to $400 for installation.

This type of shade consists of a single piece of fabric that stacks up when opened and unfolds to cover the glass when closed.

  • Electric Shades

Electric shades are more expensive and will cost up to $4800. They offer convenience as you can lower and raise them quickly using an app or remote.

  • Roller Shades

Installing approximately eight shades throughout your house will cost an average of $1000 depending on the quality and size of the material.

  • Cellular Shades

This type of shade costs an average of $1400 for a complete house installation. They also look like blinds but insulate your home as well as shade you from light.

Cost of Blinds and Shutters

On average, blinds cost an average of $700 to install regardless of the variety. You can opt for vertical, mini blinds, or many other types depending on your situation and your home’s décor.

Installing traditional shutters may cost an average of $700, including materials and labor. They are also narrower and come in fixed and hinged styles.

Plantation shutters cost a little bit higher than all the other types of shutters. They cost an average of $2000for both material and labor.

Also, they are trendy, classy, and of excellent quality. While most window coverings can be installed using DIY, it is always better to leave the job to trained professionals.

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