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Using Your Home Pool After the Longest Time- Things You Should Check

After what may seem like the longest time, the summer season is here, which means having unlimited fun. Due to the Covid restrictions still in place, it may not be feasible to go out.

For such a time, it may feel like all the fun options have gone away as you can no longer step out. However, that is not the case.

You can still have all the frolic in your backyard pool by making it fully functional.

image - Using Your Home Pool After the Longest Time- Things You Should Check
Using Your Home Pool After the Longest Time- Things You Should Check

Yes, you read it right. It is time to get all those floaties and swimsuits out. But wait! It has not been used in what may feel like forever, and there are funny-looking things inside.

After such a long time, it is bound to happen, and the good news is that it can be made to look all brand new just with some tweaks and maintenance. So, let’s just get into it.

Get Rid of The Pool Cover

Pool covers are used to protect the pools from debris and other sediments in the off-season. But still, some may escape the protective layer and may land up in the pool.

There may be a lot of twigs, leaves, and other grime, which may, in turn, leave your swimming pool dirtier than expected. So, remove it so that you can get started cleaning your pool adequately.

Clear the Debris

Broom them out, as usual, and it proves to be the best way to clear things out of the way. You can either make use of a vacuum cleaner or a mesh net.

And while doing this, you may inadvertently transfer some of the dirt inside the pool. But since you will be cleaning the debris in any case, you would quickly skim everything out.

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Brush the Ladders and The Steps

After such a long period of unuse, there are always chances of various algae infestation on the steps and the ladders.

Just not them; the walls are also always susceptible to getting dirty beyond imagination. Therefore, it will always be better to brush them and take off all the slippery and slimy coating around them.

It is significantly even more critical if you have kids and the elderly around in the house. Also, brushing will give your pool a new look which will enthrall you at every glance.

Check for Any Breakage

The one thing that makes maintaining a pool the hardest is any kind of breakages and cracks, leading you to do some extra hard work to keep the pool in the most excellent shape.

If your house is ancient, then there can be some problems to face due to general wear and tear with usage or some pumps and motor problems.

Suppose after doing everything; the swimming pool leaks do not stop. In that case, you can have a newly constructed in-ground pool or anew the old one to suit your convenience.

Finding out about a possible breakage will help you save up a lot of time and extra labor.

Using Vacuum Cleaning

Suppose you want the water in your pool to have an out and out circulation. In that case, you must understand the importance of vacuum cleaning.

It helps to remove any unwanted debris and dirt floating on the water surface. Apart from that, it also effectively takes care of the ones that fall on the pool surface and sediment down on the floor.

When skimming just won’t do by itself, going an extra step forward and vacuuming everything out works great.

Don’t Empty the Pool

Contrary to popular culture, it would help if you never emptied the pool in any case. For most people, the thought remains that it is easier to drain it dry and refill it with water in the next season.

Though it may do some good, the problems it presents later are much more significant and unexpected. For example, if you have a vinyl pool, you know that they are a bit delicate.

And if you empty it, it would leave the vinyl liner more vulnerable to get damaged straightforwardly.

After drying out eventually, it will form leaks in the liner, opening up into cracks, making your pool maintain the job all the more.

Therefore, do not empty the pool, and alongside that, consider determining the high water table. It may cost you a lot otherwise.

Get the Right Equipment

To have a pool that is well maintained and ready to go at all times, it is important for you to always have the right equipment on hand.

While being on cleaning, it would be nearly impossible to go and fetch something or the other now and then.

Therefore, abiding by a checklist like this will help you prevent all the useless trips saving your time and energy.

  • A Water Test Kit
  • Pool Skimmer
  • Pool Brush
  • Pool Opening Chemicals
  • A Telescopic Pole
  • A Pool Vacuum

All the things mentioned above will help ensure that you have all the things you need to dive into your pool is never a headache-inducing activity.

Something More

Apart from all the things above, you should also run the filtration system. If you are jumping into it after a long time, make sure that you leave the filtration at least for a good 12 hours in summers and about a half of that in the winters.

Also, it will help you to keep your skin protected against all kinds of chemical imbalances. Make it a point to check the pH, alkalinity, and chlorine levels.

If the water is not within the optimal percentage limits, then the water could be hazardous to use. The ideal range is -ppm for alkalinity, and chlorine is 100-150 ppm and 2.0-4.0 ppm, respectively.

With this, do not forget to shock your pool. Spattering concentrated chemicals mixed with water all over the area help kill any remaining unwanted elements in the water, making it fresh.

It is just like giving a reboot to your computer. Ensure that you are completely protected with gloves, masks, and eye protectors.

The scorching heat of summer is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to dive into the pool to cool down, sipping pina colada in the lounge. We hope that you find this helpful article.