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How to Protect Your Property from Locking Pickers

A skilled lockpicker can open nearly every type of lock. Nonetheless, a homeowner may do a variety of things to make it more difficult for an intruder. It should be remembered that time is the most important factor in a successful lock pick.

image - How to Protect Your Property from Locking Pickers
How to Protect Your Property from Locking Pickers

All lock picks avoid situations or locks that need a lot of time to pick.

Here are some ways you can protect your property from the risk of getting lock picked.

Lock Picking: How is it Done?

A 4-pin lock is the most common type of lock. This is because, as you might expect, the tumbler mechanism of a lock has four rods that regulate whether or not the lock may be rotated. Each pin is a different length and is pushed down by a spring at the top, preventing the lock from rotating.

To spin the tumbler and engage or disengage the lock, all of those pins must be lifted to the right heights simultaneously. Your key’s dips and peaks are meant to correspond to the heights needed to elevate the pins within to the proper heights.

This is also why, when your key wears down, turning the lock becomes more difficult.

The four pins in the lock are the only thing that prevents it from spinning. Therefore if you can push them all up, you can turn the lock without a key.

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Tips to Prevent Lock Pickers Breaking in

A lock picking kit contains the components that make this procedure simpler, but it’s not infallible. Anyone can get these tools, so it’s better to have some security measures in place. Here are some tips to prevent lockpickers from breaking into your home.

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Keyless Locks

By utilizing keyless locks, a thief will be forced to utilize a bump key, which decreases the likelihood of the lock of your property being picked greatly. You’ll sleep soundly knowing your locks aren’t easily pickable.

Sturdy Windows and Doors

Protect the property with robust doors and windows. Make sure your external doors are sturdy. Solid wood and metal are two of the greatest materials for your home, even though you have the best security locks.

A fragile glass or wood door may be easily smashed into, making your house more vulnerable to break-ins. If your windows don’t have locks, you’ll need to put a wooden dowel or some type of track filler in them to keep the thief from being able to open the window from outside the house.

CCTV Cameras

Security cameras are another excellent way to protect your house. If you have these installed on your property, you will be able to see when someone was in the vicinity and attempting to lockpick into your home.

You’ll not only have the proof you need to apprehend the criminal, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that your house is safe while you’re gone.


One of the best methods to keep criminals from picking your lock is to install deadbolts. Many homeowners adore them, while lock pickers despise them.

Standard locks are easy to pick for experienced criminals. Heavy-duty deadbolt locks, on the other hand, are extremely difficult to break into. They make things much more difficult for professional lock pickers.

Double-Cylinder Deadbolts

When entering or leaving a residence, these are the sorts of locks that require a key to access. Intruders are attracted to homes with windows near the sidelights or doors that are part of the door.

A burglar just smashes a window or sidelight and reaches inside to unlock the door. Fortunately, a properly fitted double cylinder lock may prevent this.


Installing a functional alarm system is one way to protect your property. Even more importantly, place alarm stickers and signals in plain view of potential burglars. The goal is to make it look like breaking into your home would be too difficult or hazardous for criminals.


Overall, even though strong locks are difficult to pick, professional locksmiths advise homeowners to take additional security precautions. Having additional security measures won’t always guarantee your property’s safety, but they make it more difficult for attackers to access your home via picking locks.

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