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5 Indoor Plants to Add Color and Life to Your Living Room

If you’re a nature lover and want to liven up your space with the right indoor plants, let’s just be clear about one thing not all indoor plants thrive in the same environment.

Some are a little more demanding and fussier of your time and require particular periods of sunlight and water but not too much water, as well as airflow but nothing too breezy.

If you don’t consider yourself a green thumb and have time to fuss over indoor plants, you’d better invest in the right low-maintenance options.

image - 5 Indoor Plants to Add Color and Life to Your Living Room
5 Indoor Plants to Add Color and Life to Your Living Room

Here are some of the prettiest indoor house plants to brighten up your home (and keep alive!).

1. The Phalaenopsis Orchid

Admittedly, orchids are not the easiest indoor plant to keep alive. However, there are a few orchid variations that are generally low-maintenance and beautiful, to boot.

An orchid is a tropical plant, after all, so it needs the right humidity levels, light, and temperature to thrive. Check out Yulu Sweet Home for gardening gadgets to help keep your orchids alive.

But if you’re looking for a good orchid variation to invest in as a beginner, the phalaenopsis is your best bet. Heck, it’s even called the ”beginner orchid” because it’s one of the easiest orchids to grow and keep alive.

This beauty bears gorgeous blooms for 4-5 months of the year in a range of different colors. They’re the ideal houseplant for a pop of color and sparking a ”jungle” vibe in your home.

2. The Bromeliad

If this plant is known for anything, it’s the long-lasting blooms. The bromeliad actually has over 1,000 different species within its plant family — it even includes the delicious tropical fruit, pineapple!

You can find bromeliad plants in a number of different colors and they are super simple to care for. All they need is some light-medium exposure to sunlight and light watering every two weeks. And that’s about it.

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3. The Peace Lily

You may know peace lilies for their long and thin dark green leaves, contrasted with white lily-shaped flowers, with white spear-shaped bards in the center. This is a beautiful houseplant because of the clear contrast in colors.

To add to this, the peace lily is a full and luscious plant that will help to purify the air in the room you place it in. They’re low-maintenance and bring a real sense of peace and tranquility to any space.

4. The Anthurium

You might be quite familiar with this plant as it’s one of the most popular maybe you already own one? The anthurium features large, dark green leaves, contrasted by bright red, lily-shaped blooms with a yellow bard-like center.

These indoor plants actually symbolize hospitality and are a great way to add cheer to any room with their bright colors that don’t ever seem to fade. This plant has a waxy-like texture on both the leaves and the flowers, making it extra hardy.

To keep this plant happy, all it needs is a warm spot in your home because it thrives with humidity.

5. The African Violet

This indoor plant is on the smaller side, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in color and vibrancy. It’s also one the most low-maintenance houseplants you could opt for, despite its flourish of deep purple flowers with a bright yellow center.

They’re highly adaptive to a number of different conditions and the flowers are quite hardy, too. In order to keep this plant alive and thriving, remember to water them from the bottom, up. I.e., place the planter on a saucer with a drainage hole and pour your water into the saucer. This allows the plant to draw the water up through its root system.

Learn How to Keep Your Indoor Plants Alive and Thriving

Want to learn more about becoming a green thumb so that you can keep your indoor plants alive for longer than a few weeks at a time? Then you’re in the right place!

Take some time to explore the rest of this site for your fix of all things home gardening for a ton of pro tips.

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