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How to Sanitize Carpet After a Vomit

The strong stench and the stain of vomit in carpet leaves are plain disgusting. It may sound easy to clean up but it actually isn’t. And yes, it requires a technique or two in order to have your floor cover back in good shape really quickly.

Carpet materials may come in a variety of components and a simple wipeout might not work. Moreover, you cannot simply stuff the carpet in a washer to spin, considering the size and the weight of even the smallest floor mat that you have at home.

image - How to Sanitize Carpet After a Vomit
How to Sanitize Carpet After a Vomit


So, just in case your pet or your kid found the luxury of vomiting on your carpet, you must be in an extreme dilemma of how to get it cleaned up eventually.

While the usual brushing and wiping might do the trick, there are actually a few ways you can try to sanitize your carpet after an unfortunate stinky vomiting episode on it. Here are some of them:

Wet Vacuum

Prior to doing the actual vacuuming, remove as much vomit as you can. Scoop up or spoon up whatever you can. Bear with the stink as leaving it as it is can get you more odor moving forward. Once done, use a wet and dry vacuum cleaner to suck the remaining vomit debris off your carpet.

Most carpet cleaners actually have this equipment with them to make their carpet cleaning roles easy and tolerable. If you clean it up immediately, the chance of the stain sticking harder is less.

Vacuum it up right away and you will likely save the actual appearance of your floor covering. Now, you are only left with the stink, which you can actually resolve by spraying a deodorizer on it.

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Steam Clean

A steam cleaner is perfect for disinfecting a carpet that has been exposed to vomit brought about by yourself, the kids, or the furry friends at home.

After you have freed it with whatever you can pick up, right after throwing up, set your steam cleaner to at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit, aim it at the part of the carpet where it was vomited upon, steam that part until it dries.

The stink gets off and the bacteria or germs that have likely clamped on it will be out thereafter. You may spray a deodorizer afterward, should you want to get away with the smell altogether.

Paper Towels

After vomiting on your carpet, that spot must be wet. You cannot expect a dry discharge off your mouth, especially when vomiting was triggered by a sour juice, hot milk, or a foul liquid is taken in right up the top of where the floor mat is.

The best way to get rid of the lump out of your carpet is to grab paper towels and scoop up everything that you can pick up from the floor. That will be the initial procedure of sanitizing your carpet after a vomit. You will need more paper towels than just one.

Have a trash bin near you so you need not carry the stink farther than where it is. Or, if you have a disposable plastic near you, you can drop off the scooped debris in it, then tie it close before throwing it in the trash. This will keep your property from the bad smell afterward.


Just in case the vomit on the carpet has dried before you noticed it, you need not fret. You can scrape it off with a knife. You will need a good load of patience as it might have stuck hard on the carpet longer and it will be difficult to have it removed on the first try.

Scraping off a dried vomit from your carpet. Whatever was stuck in your carpet may be taken off after it has dried. Once you think you have scraped off the most you can, you may spray a disinfectant or a deodorizer on it. This is to ensure the odor is also removed.

Pressure Wash

When you have a pressure washer at home, you can simply drag or carry your floor carpet from inside your home outside. Hang it over a pole or anything where the part with vomit gets exposed. Spray water off the carpet using a pressure washer.

If it has just been a few minutes after it has been vomited upon, the water pressure will likely get everything off of the carpet. Once cleaned, leave it to dry. If you can expose it to the sunlight, it will be much better.

You will be killing off the germs that come with whatever was thrown out towards it. Pressure washing as if cleaning off your vehicle works with your indoor and outdoor carpets too.

White Vinegar

One of the best-known stain removers in clothes is vinegar. It works the same with carpet. If you have a carpet cleaning solution available, you can simply pour a portion of it in vinegar. You can then use it to serve as water when you brush off the vomit on the carpet.

White vinegar kills germs and it dissolves the foul odor a vomit normally has. Sanitize your carpet and anything else that needs cleaning or staining off using white vinegar with a cleaning solution. Homeowners who have tried using it have given positive feedback about its efficiency. This means that this tactic actually works.

Liquid Detergent Washing

As any cleaning agent does, washing the vomit off any carpet at home is typically done with a liquid detergent washing. This might mean washing the whole carpet anyway. Still, you have the option to clean only the part where the vomit fell or stained.

Simply pour out the liquid detergent on the affected area, use a laundry brush outward so the dirty part will be cleaned up.

Most liquid detergents have deodorizers and are fragrant in nature, so you need not spray anything to remove the smell off of them. This is the most basic type of sanitizing carpets, with vomit or otherwise.

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