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How to Choose the Best Contractors for Cabinet Refacing St. Louis?

Remodeling a kitchen can be expensive, therefore changing the cabinets only can be the best solution to enhance the layout of your kitchen.

Cabinet refacing is a low-cost and time-saving option to transform your kitchen from a dull messy place to a dazzling enjoyment area.

This process involves the removal of old drawer fronts and doors, covering the exposed face frames and cabinet ends with materials to blend with your new hardware.

So, if you are looking for such an option contact Fresh Faced Cabinets, St. Louis cabinet refacing contractors who offer cost and time-saving services with convenience and less mess up.

image - How to Choose the Best Contractors for Cabinet Refacing St. Louis?
How to Choose the Best Contractors for Cabinet Refacing St. Louis?

To cover raw edges and exposed areas new molding is installed in this project. For a new look and finish the wood is painted and stained. Refacing is a viable option and hence there are situations where this process does not make sense.

Let’s look at some of the disadvantages of this process:

  1. Poor Kitchen Setup:

Many homeowners undertake remodeling projects to improve the layout or functionality of their kitchen but refacing cabinets can’t solve their problem.

  1. Damaged Cabinets:

There are cases where exciting cabinets are damaged/tired with sagging shelves that are falling apart. Refacing cannot fix such types of worn-out cabinets.

  1. Structural Problems:

Many times floor settlement causes problems with the cabinet such types of structural issues cannot be corrected by cabinet refacing.

  1. Cabinet Supplements:

The latest refacing includes a number of accessories to enhance the functionality, design, and storage of your kitchen cabinets. But refacing projects have limited ability to incorporate such accessories into the old kitchen setup or design.

Therefore, before making a Final Decision examine all the options in case you have any of the above existing issues/problems. Refacing cabinets can be a good option for some kitchens only.

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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Styles

After deciding about the cabinet refacing service, you need to choose the latest cabinet doors for your project. The most popular styles include:

  1. Traditional: To achieve decorative profiles and contours traditional cabinet doors need raised panel construction. Such cabinets are featured with an outer frame and a raised center panel that have decorative molding.
  1. Shaker: These cabinet doors are very popular nowadays because they use simple, rectilinear frames to cover the gap between traditional and minimalist decor.
  1. Beadboard: A beadboard center panel is used to give the shaker style cabinet a detailed finish. This provides kitchen cabinets with a rustic and retro appearance by retaining the rectilinear aesthetic.
  1. Flat Front: These doors offer a flat, even surface to give your kitchen a sleek and clean look. These flat-front cabinet doors are best for an ultra-contemporary kitchen.
  1. Glass Front: These doors are ideal for upper cabinets to display your dishware. This style uses a glass panel in a wooden frame.


If you’re planning a kitchen cabinet refacing project hire professionals for a good business. For the beauty, convenience, durability, and the budget you desire contact refacing contractors who can offer superior services with creative options to give your kitchen a glamorous look.

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