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How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Who doesn’t like to get a beautiful kitchen in his house? Of course, we all do. A kitchen with old cabinets looks dull and gloomy. Especially when your kitchen has more than one cabinet, they hold more attention from people.

Do you have an old colorless cabinet that you want to replace? If you are having such an idea in your mind, then we would recommend you to drop the idea. Instead, get the painting kitchen cabinets ideas. Why? Because painting the kitchen cabinets is inexpensive than replacing it.

Now, you mustn’t want to spend your hard-owned money for a tiny issue. In that case, learn how to paint kitchen cabinets. It will not only diminish your cost but also give you a new experience. Click here paintstainblog.com to learn more about it.

image - How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets
How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinets are used for storing the foods, cooking equipment, and other kitchen accessories. In the modern kitchen, cabinets occupy a huge place. If it doesn’t look colorful, the kitchen will give a gloomy appearance.

Ultimate Guidelines for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Ever noticed, how attractive appearance a kitchen gives after painting its old cabinets? Not just the kitchen, painting also gives outstanding looks to anything when you paint it with your adorable color.

So, you should apply your adorable color to the kitchen cabinet instead of replacing it. But most people have a little knowledge of the painting materials and how to paint kitchen cabinets. No worries! We have discussed the ultimate guidelines for painting kitchen cabinets.

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Essential Tools and Materials

To make your painting easier and successful, we have discussed the necessary tools and materials. Also, we have given a short description of their use. Let’s know about them.

  • Paintbrush (polyester/nylon). The brush you will use to paint the kitchen cabinets.
  • Painter’s bucket. To keep the painting color and carry them easily.
  • Sandpaper (120 grit preferable) and a Sanding block. To remove the rough spots and make the cabinets smooth. It is mandatory to set the colors on the cabinets permanently.
  • Cleaning cloth and spray. To remove the dirt and filth from the cabinets before and after sanding it. Especially where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.
  • Screwdriver. To disassemble the doors of the cabinets by unscrewing its nut and screw.
  • Paint (The color you like)
  • Vacuum cleaner. To clean the dirt and dust from the cabinet by absorbing them.
  • Primer. To make the cabinets and its parts frontside smooth to applying the paint flexibly.
  • Mask and hand gloves (Optional). Mask is needed to protect yourself from the dust. It is optional if you’re a normal person. But, if you have a sinus problem, it is mandatory for you.

Contrariwise, the hand gloves are for ensuring your safety, if you’re a beginner and inexpert in repairing and painting cabinets.

Prepare and Paint the Kitchen Cabinet

Follow us to prepare and paint the kitchen cabinet step by step.

Step 1: Spend some time for planning

Before updating the kitchen cabinets color, decide what types of color you want to apply. It might be a lighter color or brighter color. Select the color matching with your kitchen walls.

Step 2: Fix the broken parts

Since the cabinets are old, there may be a broken part among them. Identify the broken parts of the cabinets if there is any. Fix them before starting painting. Wear gloves while fixing it. Otherwise, you might get harm while conducting the fixing procedures.

Step 3: Disassemble the doors and remove drawers

The door and drawer are the removable parts of the cabinets. To paint your cabinet without any trouble, you must disassemble the removable parts of the cabinets.

Step 4: Do cleaning

Clean up all parts of the cabinets with a cloth so that no dirt lefts. It is an important task of getting good paint on the cabinets.

Step 5: Repair the holes and dents

Fill the holes and dents of the cabinet if there is any. Conversely, the dirt will go into the holes during the sanding. Indeed, it will not let the color perfectly and make your cabinet look ugly.

Step 6: Sand the surface of the cabinet

Now, it’s time to sanding the cabinet. At first, sand the flat parts of the cabinet, especially the drawer and door. And then, move to the countered and rounded part.

You should use the 120-grit sanding paper with the sanding block to sand the flat portion of the cabinet. Inversely, by using a small piece of sandpaper, you can easily sand the rounded and contoured portion of the cabinet.

Step 7: Clean the surface

Again, clean the surface of the cabinet and its other parts to remove the sand’s dirt. You also can use the vacuum cleaner to clean the cabinet. But it would be better to use the cloth where the vacuum cleaner cannot reach.

Step 8: Do priming

After sanding, prime the surface of the cabinet, its drawers, and doors. It is an essential process for setting the paint smoothly on the surface of the cabinet.

Select a quality primer to prime the cabinet. Then, prime the upper space of the cabinets, other parts with a paintbrush or paint roller. Keep the drawers and doors vertically with the walls. Wait until the primer dry.

Step 9: Paint your cabinet

Finally, it’s time to paint your cabinet. You must have decided which color you’re going to apply to. Apply that color on the surface of the cabinets, drawers, and doors.

Like the primer, you can use any item between the roller or brush to paint your cabinet. But, if you want to accomplish your painting quickly, we’ll recommend you to use the roller.

Step 10: Let the paint dry

The longer the paint dries, the more excellent appearance the cabinet will provide. Let the paint dry at least for 24 hours. Drying the cabinet for 2/3 days will give a better result.

See! It is not so difficult to paint your cabinet by yourself. We have enlisted here the effective and easy process to paint your kitchen cabinet. You need to follow them step by step to get to change the look of your kitchen’s old cabinet.

Some Essential Tips

  • Wear the hand gloves while dusting, painting, and disassembling the parts of the cabinets. It will keep your hand safe from unwanted issues.
  • You must ensure that the prime doesn’t stick to your cloth or other places around the cabinet. So, before starting priming, put a newspaper around the empty places of the cabinet.
  • Give more attention while disassembling the parts of the cabinet. It will make your work easier while reassembling them.

The Sum Up!

Painting kitchen cabinets is a great way of saving your high cost. If you are here, that means you have understood this fact perfectly.

For you, we have provided an ultimate guideline on how to paint kitchen cabinets. The instructions include both the steps and necessary tools needed for painting the kitchen cabinets. So, it will assist you in painting your kitchen cabinet without any help.

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