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DIY Flooring Projects to Spruce up Your Home

Are your tiles wearing out because of the endless number of scratches from chairs and furniture? Or are you just simply bored of the sick old brown tiles that are starting to fade in color over time?

Regardless of the reasons behind why you want to change your tiles, there are certain flooring projects that you can do yourself to give your house a new look.

From elegant vinyl tiling to a retro checkerboard floor, there are so many options to change up your worn-out floorboards to give your home a new kind of vibe and energy.

image - DIY Flooring Projects to Spruce up Your Home
DIY Flooring Projects to Spruce up Your Home

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Floating Floor

If you are looking for a warm cozy vibe for your home, wood flooring is one of the go-to floorings that any architect will gravitate towards.

Instead of installing the traditional sold-wood strips that can be relatively hard to do by yourself, you can consider opting for a floating floor, which essentially looks the same as the traditional one, just that it isn’t nailed down.

The strips are either glued or snapped together, ensuring that they stay in place.

Floating floors are not just exclusive to these wooden planks — you can go for any material like concrete, plywood, ceramic tiles, or sheet vinyl, depending on your preference.

In just a matter of about a day or two, your floor would be ready and good to go — it is as simple as that!

What’s more, keeping your wood flooring looking brand new won’t take much effort; Seal with Ease compared a range of wood sealers that are available on the market anytime you decide to refresh your wood flooring so check them out for the best reviews.

Paint a Checkerboard Floor

If you want to go for a retro kind of look, but do not have the budget to afford a full-blown renovation, you can give painting your floor a try!

One of the more popular designs would be a checkerboard floor, transforming your boring room into one that is fresh and energetic.

Be sure to choose complementary colors and choose muted neutral tones in order to prevent your floor from looking too striking, and taking all the attention away from the house to the floor.

Beige and white are a classic combination, giving you the old-school diner look that some love and adore. With just some measuring tools, tape, and durable paint, you can get started on your new DIY project!

Lay a Cork Floor

Nothing beats the feeling of getting up in the middle of a cold winter night to grab a glass of warm milk, and stepping onto a warm and toasty floor instead of harsh, icy tiles.

Durable and styling, cork is a great material to line your floors with to achieve an earthy look.

Proving to be a lot easier than traditional wood flooring, you can easily install your natural cork floor all by yourself with some glues or nails.

Its soft touch to the feet is also one of the biggest plus points of cork, making it a highly sought-after flooring material.

Vinyl Tile

Vinyl tiling has long been in the architecture industry and it was originally made to be an alternative to linoleum.

Due to its crack-resistant, easy-to-clean, and multicolored properties, vinyl tiling has increasingly been a popular flooring material usually installed in baths, mudrooms, and laundry rooms.

Its efficient installation also makes it extremely easy for DIY-ers to embark on this project, requiring only about six to eight hours to fill an entire room.

Available in a host of colors, designs, and patterns, vinyl flooring is extremely versatile and aesthetically pleasing.

Tile a Floor

Tiling a floor allows for a certain level of customization that other flooring types do not allow.

Changing up the patterns and designs, and adding in different tiles to stand out from the rest do help to incredibly liven up the living space.

Though certain types of tiles require added care and protection against cracks and liquid spillages, they do not need a lot of maintenance and it is extremely easy to get it done.

Install Carpeting

Carpet floors make for a cozy room, and not only does it look good, but it also feels good as well.

It insulates the floor, making it warm to the touch on chilly winter nights, and it even silences loud noises in an echoing room.

Though carpets are highly frowned upon for families with pets where the occasional wet patches may prove to be a hassle to clean, many choose to carpet their floors because of the refined look that it brings out.

Though some may be intimidated by the unfamiliar and strange tools used to carpet floors, the process is actually a lot easier than it seems.

Linoleum Tile Floor

Linoleum tile flooring may remind you of a snazzy cafeteria or a cute kid’s playroom, and that is just it.

Linoleum tiles come in an assortment of different colors and designs, sprucing up a typical boring living room to one that has a fun and bright personality.

It definitely is an eccentric upgrade from the normal ceramic, wood and vinyl floorings and it also has a host of perks too.

Its hypoallergenic properties won’t have you coughing your lungs out from the sawdust and linseed oil,  while the easily assembled floating floor makes installing a whole lot easier.

If you are looking for an eye-catching floor to capture the attention of your guests, this is the project that you should take on.

Floor Medallions

If you are truly looking to take your flooring design up a notch, try installing a floor medallion of your own.

They are mostly made to order and are known for their colorful pieces of cut hardwoods mounted to a plywood backing.

Though the process of cutting into your floor with a router and then mounting the medallion onto the subfloor using an adhesive spread can be painstaking, you can purchase the router template supplied by the factory that only takes a few hours.

If you want your floor to be a real state-of-the-art piece remembered by many, a floor medallion is just for you.

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With so many choices of what you can do to give your floor a complete costume change, you can let your imagination run wild as you decide for yourself which floor personality suits you the most.

The multitude of information online also gives you the opportunity to save a hole in your wallet by doing it yourself. With so many options, there is definitely a type of flooring for every individual out there.

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