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How to Enhance Your Cycling Experience

Having a bike is the first step towards healthier and greener travel, but there are a couple of extras that you may want to think about to get the best out of the transportation method.

There are no shortage of statistics regarding how much it can improve a person’s health and clear the country’s traffic-ridden roads, but for the purposes of this article we will assume you are already on board with the philosophy. Now, you’re just after practical help with making your cycling experience more comfortable and stress-free.

How to Enhance Your Cycling Experience
Cycling Experience

One of the first anxieties to leave behind is security, so invest in two locks – one cable lock and one D-lock. Always secure your bike using both of them when you are out and about. The chances of having your bike stolen are hugely reduced if you have them on, largely because it takes different types of tools to get past each style of lock and thieves rarely carry around both.

While your bike is at home, you can simply install a bike shed and keep the door locked shut – meaning you can forget the locks when you get back after a ride.

Another easy way to enhance your cycling experience is to invest in the right kit. Waterproof trousers are a God-send on a rainy day, while a breathable, rainproof windbreaker can usually be worn all year round thanks to the UK’s unpredictable weather. Don’t forget to keep yourself warm too, so think about purchasing gloves for your hands and some earwarmers to wear under your safety helmet.

However it is not just your clothing that you must think about; what about your bike? There are all sorts of ways of tinkering with your trusty steed to make it more comfortable. Try out different saddles and handlebar arrangements to see what suits you best. 

Also, consider whether you have set your bike up efficiently; for example, it may be worth putting on slick tyres on a mountain bike if you are only riding on roads as it will be easier to ride.

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