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How to Invest in the Right Shed

Utah, the 13th most extensive state in the U.S., presents a picturesque landscape with the mesmerizing Rocky Mountains and intriguing Colorado Plateau. It is known for its excellent quality of life and a high Cost of Living Index of 111.

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How to Invest in the Right Shed

From July 2019 to August 2020, the state has witnessed a 5.3% increase in the median home sales price, the value being close to $355,000. With rising house prices, tiny houses are gaining a place in the Utah real estate.

And, Utah sheds, the traditional storage options, have proven to be the perfect dwelling for those seeking a small and cozy living space.

Here are a few top tips if you wish to invest in an ideal Utah shed for your storage and other unique requirements.

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Choose a Shed That Fits Your Budget

Utah is an economical place to create a tiny home with a quality shed. You could have a small dwelling with a sophisticated heating system, within $36,000.

For a feasible budget, you have to consider factors like size, material, and design aspects. You can find a Utah shed as small as 36 square feet to as massive as 400 square feet. Considering the design features, you might need quality electrical work.

Check for the Right Shed Size

In Utah, the sheds include vineyard and farm. However, the right shed size entirely depends on your storage needs.

For instance, a farm shed of size 12′ x 32′ is perfect for storing your farming inventory; you will not require a large space like a 16’ x 60’ sized shed.

The best part is Utah sheds come in various sizes, starting from 6’ x6’, some of them with the option of avoiding overhead stacking, thus giving you more options.

Choose the Right Shed Material

Utah weather varies with where you are, from the American Southwest’s unique desert climate to rough snow conditions on the high Rocky Mountain roads.

Ideally, wood, metal, and plastic are the preferred choices of shed material in Utah, that suit the diverse weather conditions the state experiences round the year.

While wood is durable, with an excellent aesthetic appeal, it is quite an expensive material. If looking for an inexpensive and long-lasting option, metal is a perfect fit. Moreover, it is insect resistant, making it highly reliable.

Ensure Adherence to Local Building Regulations

As per Utah building guidelines, you will need a permit if your storage shed is over 200 square feet.

So, before starting your shed construction, review all the local building codes to adhere to the state laws.

Look for Sheds with Prospects of Customization

Like other Utahns, you might be interested in landscaping, spending about $40 to $46 weekly. And landscaping accentuates a Utah home’s visual appeal, which is highly influenced by the royal Victorian or Pioneer architectural style.

Investing in a customizable shed that you can effortlessly incorporate in your landscape adds a great value to your Utah home.

If you are outdoorsy and love to attend cultural attractions like the renowned Sundance Film Festival, Utah is the place to settle. Besides, the doubly landlocked state boasts a low crime rate, ranking 39, nationally.

If looking for a Beehive State property, invest in a quality shed, boosting your asset value, whether it is standalone or a part of your cozy dwelling.

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