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Hydroponics vs. Soil Gardening: Ten Reasons Hydroponics Wins

For the longest time, gardening meant putting in days of hard work sowing, watering, maintaining, and taking care of your plants until Hydroponic Gardening became a reality. And it changed everything.

Over the last few years, Hydroponic Gardening has emerged as a preferred choice for personal and large-scale production. And the reasons are pretty simple.

image - Hydroponics vs. Soil Gardening: Ten Reasons Hydroponics Wins
Hydroponics vs. Soil Gardening: Ten Reasons Hydroponics Wins

As compared to traditional soil-based gardening, Hydroponic Gardening is quicker, more organic, provides pesticide-free produce, and it can be done all year round within a small, stipulated space. All you need is the right Hydroponics supplies and systems.

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Here are ten important reasons why Hydroponic Gardening is better than the traditional soil-based methods:

Faster Growth

While the plants in soil gardening depend on extracting nutrients from the soil, hydroponics provides high-value nutrition directly to the roots of the plants.

This enables them to concentrate their energy on growing and yielding better produce. It is estimated that plants grow 30-50 per cent faster in hydroponic systems as compared to soil-based gardening.

Pesticide-free, Organic Harvest

In soil-based gardening, plants depend on soil to grow and can be more susceptible to pest attacks. But hydroponic systems almost eliminate that aspect. It produces healthier plants with the ability to fight off diseases more efficiently.

Rarely does it happen that plants in hydroponic systems get infected by pests of other diseases, which is quite common in soil-based gardening?

More Produce in Less Space

In hydroponics versus soil gardening, space is a major issue. In traditional forms of gardening, a lot of physical space is required.

Plants need to be sown at a particular distance from each other so that they have enough soil to extract the required nutrients. But with hydroponic gardening, more plants can be grown within a small physical space as they are submerged directly into the nutrient solution.

Vertical gardening is yet another advantage. Hydroponics allow vertical gardening resulting in saving up a lot of space that can be utilized to grow more.

Total Control on Your Plants

In soil-based gardening, factors like climate conditions, temperature, untimely rains, and pest attack are not in your hands. Hydroponic gardening, on the other hand, gives you total control over your plant system.

You can provide the right amount of grow light and oxygen level. You can maintain the right pH value and conductivity of the nutrient system. You can stimulate the entire system and provide your plants with the most conducive atmosphere to grow.

Less Consumption of Water

Plants in hydroponic systems grow in a closed and controlled atmosphere. As a result, there is less wastage of resources, especially water.

Unlike soil-based gardening, there is less evaporation of water in hydroponic systems, and the plants utilize high-nutrient water without any wastage.

Hassle-free, Digging-free Gardening

One of the major differences between hydroponic and soil gardening is that you don’t have to get down and dirty with hydroponic systems. They are clean and painless compared to soil gardening, where you have to constantly keep digging the soil and clean up unwanted weed growth.

Let Science Come to Your Rescue

With hydroponics, your approach is more scientific as there are systems to control everything, which is not the case in traditional forms of gardening. There is equipment to provide oxygen, light, and nutrients.

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Grow Your Greens

Because hydroponic is so effective vs soil gardening, you can grow your food in your backyard. This technique also helps ease the pressure on the traditional form of farming to provide to its population.

Much Better Yields

Several studies and researches have shown that hydroponic gardening yields much better produce than traditional soil-based gardening. A study by NASA indicated that, if done well, hydroponics can provide 80 per cent better produce.

Around the Year Gardening

You only have to find the best formula to grow your plants once, and then you are good to repeat it around the year. Unlike soil-based gardening, once the hydroponic system is set, you can utilize it over and over again.

It also reduces the climate effect, which makes round the year produce a possibility too.

So, when it comes to hydroponics vs soil gardening, hydroponics sure seems to have the upper hand. Apart from the above-mentioned advantages, hydroponic systems are more cost-effective as well.

You just have to set up the system once and you can reuse it several times. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Kushy, the best Hydroponics supplies experts, to set your own hydroponic garden and reap the multiple benefits it provides.

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