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Ideas For Home Decorating with Flowers

Flowers are an indispensable part of our lives. Flowers are not only great as gifts, but they are extremely popular as home decorating items too.

If you too are a flower fanatic like us, then this article will help you with some pretty special ideas in home decorating. Keep reading to know more!

image - Ideas For Home Decorating with Flowers
Ideas For Home Decorating with Flowers

Types of Flower Arrangements

Before you start including flowers in your home décor, you need to know about the options at hand. After all, a well-informed mind always takes the best decision.

1. Fresh Flower Bouquets

Using fresh flowers as home décor is the easiest, quickest, and most pocket-friendly way to go.

You can use different types of flower bouquets and place them on unique vases, baskets, and bowls. We’ve discussed this in detail later on in this article. So, let’s discover the other options from now on.

2. Wreaths and Wall Decors

Another way to use fresh flowers is by including wreaths and other types of wall decors made of fresh flowers.

Online flower delivery services like SnapBlooms have a large collection of wreaths and wall decors that you can purchase easily and spruce up your home.

3. Dried-up and preserved flowers

You can also use dried-up flowers in form of potpourri and preserved flowers set in acrylic to decorate your home. These are usually more expensive than fresh flowers, but they offer more long-term use compared to fresh flowers.

4. Faux Flowers and Flower-Themed Décor

Faux flowers made of plastic or other materials are also good to include in your interior design. Floral wallpapers in the living room, using floral motifs in furniture or utensils in the kitchen, floral table tops for the coffee table- these are all flower-themed décor ideas for your home that are worth giving a try.

Flower Décor Ideas with Fresh Flowers

And now we come back to fresh flower décor ideas again because there’s nothing better than the real flowers themselves! And thanks to online florists, buying flowers has never been easier.

So, we say, exploit this opportunity to the fullest and give your whole house a floral makeover with these fresh flower décor ideas.

1. Flower Vase with a Twist

Glass vases are so mainstream! Ditch those old-school styles and try out new ones to put your flowers on.

Mason jars, small earthen pots, empty wine bottles, all can be turned into flower vases with a little bit of imagination and creativity.

2. Flower Baskets

Wicker baskets are already very popular. You can also try baskets made of cane to put your flowers in. You can also crochet basket covers of wool in different colors and use them in different rooms. This will add a very unique look.

3. Flower Bowls

When your flower bouquets are almost withered or on the verge of drying up, pick them up and remove the stems entirely (leaving no more than half an inch to one inch).

Then, float the flowers in a wide flower bowl. This will elongate their lives for a day or two, and you’ll get a new flower décor in your house.

4. Standing Flower Arrangements

Standing flower arrangements are generally better off with sticks or clusters of flowers. Gigantic flower pots, urns, and standing vases placed strategically at the corner of a room, beside the staircase, or on top of a table look great as flower decors.

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