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Ideas on Lighting That Instantly Brighten Your Home

We all could use a livelier interior environment. Allowing natural or even fake light into the room may do amazing things for your subconscious, whether this is decreasing depression with Vitamin D or contributing to a more open and accepting environment.

image - Ideas on Lighting That Instantly Brighten Your Home
Ideas on Lighting That Instantly Brighten Your Home

However, the reality is that even if you purchase all the lightbulbs in the universe, your household may still not look as vibrant as you’d desire. One of the most challenging issues when planning an interior is to liven up the darkroom.

Whereas a renovation project could help immensely, smashing walls down and attaching window frames may not be the only choices. There are flawless techniques that professionals have been using to add brightness via design features.

We gathered our favorite suggestions to ensure you let the light in, from painting the ceiling to adding decorations.

Chandeliers Add a Touch Of Quirkiness to Any Room

When it comes to adding lighting to your lounge room, one of the first things that come to mind is a chandelier. Adding a chandelier in one’s living area would add a source of lighting effects and introduce a focus point to the room.

Chandeliers are available in many fashions, from sleek to lavish, earthy to artistic, classic to contemporary style, etc. The intensity of light emitted by a chandelier is determined by the number and kind of lamps used.

The chandelier can be used to brighten up a lounge room exquisitely, and it will add to the allure of your room.

A Basic Wall Color

With literally thousands of wall paint colors, you can choose from, coloring your walls white can sometimes appear monotonous. Here is the thing: there’s no greater color to brighten up and liven up a space.

Whereas other colors can keep your home feel pretty private, introducing a little white paint—or perhaps touching up original white walls with fresh coats—can immediately make your house feel more bright, cozy, and appealing.

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Mirror Mirror, On the Wall

Hanging mirrors everywhere around your house may feel a little narcissistic. However, they’re not for glancing at all the time. So, what is their primary objective? They reflect light all around the room.

Even rooms with very little natural daylight would therefore feel brighter ultimately because of how it reflects and adds an unbeatable feel of bright light to even the darkest places.

Open Shelves

Even though some items should be kept in closets, choosing open shelves could quickly elevate your space. Whether that’s your ever-growing pottery set inside the kitchen or your most-read books in the bedroom, the spacious shelves would let you exhibit some of your favorite pieces.

Make Use of The Negative Spaces

People enjoy stuffing their houses with whatever they can. However, when it comes to lightening up the room, trying to clear things out would be perfect. Blank space between or near automatically results in a visually exciting aspect. It’s a great way to make a room feel more spacious and bright.

Add Some Metal to Your Room

Bringing metals to your household, regardless of whether gold, silver, or copper, functions as mirrors do. Rather than darkening your room, as some items will, the metals will reflect light and add brightness to your home.

You’ll be surprised at how amazing just a little shine can be, whether with some statement interior decoration, wall décor, flowerpots, or decorative items.

The Power of a Bold Rug

When picking out a rug, a pale neutral shade that goes with everything is a pretty good bet. On the other hand, going adventurous is indeed a way to lighten up the place.

A bright color combination, like vibrant yellows, turquoises, oranges, or perhaps even softer pastel colors, can instantly add energy to the room.

There is still one rule: You need to ensure it doesn’t compete with the rest of your home décor, or it can be very tacky.

Say Goodbye to The Darker Woods

Despite the fact that dark wood has the power to make your kitchen counter or seating furniture undoubtedly iconic and attractive, light wood is really what brightens the household.

You should go for softer woods such as oak, maple, ash, and birch, rather than dark or stained choices as they tend to make the room look closed off.

If you’re feeling experimental, a new coat of white paint over black shelves can dramatically alter your room.


Wrapping it up, these were some of the ways you can magically make any small room appear bigger and brighter. Other than these, you can also utilize various lighting options to brighten up your room.

For example, ceiling lighting or other lamps and candles can be used in a lot of ways. Keep in mind that your living area’s type of interior decoration and color scheme will influence the lighting and lighting fixtures you choose.

I hope you find the article helpful and have fun decorating your house.

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