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Can You Brighten Up Your Dark House?

Your house always looks dark, grim, and gloomy. Brighten it up! These design tips will show you how:

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Can You Brighten Up Your Dark House?

Change Your Fixtures

A single light bulb can only do so much. It can light up a small coat closet, a pantry, or a reading nook — but a whole room? No, that’s not enough light. If your rooms have ceiling lights fitted with a single bulb, you need to replace them. Get fixtures that require multiple bulbs.

Add Task Lighting

There are three types of lighting that need in a house: ambient lighting, accent lighting, and task lighting. Task lighting is lighting to help you do a specific activity, like reading a book or doing paperwork.

Add more task lighting throughout the house. Install strip lights under kitchen cabinets, medicine cabinets, and inside drawers, and put desk lamps on nightstands, side tables, and office desks.

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Lighten Up Lamp Shades

Choose light-colored lamp shades for your lamps. Light colors like white, beige, pale pink and yellow are effective at diffusing light. Darker colors like navy and black won’t diffuse the light at all — if anything, they’ll concentrate the light on one small area.

Upgrade Your Windows

Are your windows not bringing in enough sunlight? Then, maybe it’s time to get replacements that will do a better job of brightening up your interior. Bay windows, bow windows, and picture windows are all styles that bring in lots of natural light.

Bay windows are a series of windows that project from the exterior of the house, creating a cozy alcove in the interior. Since the windows are set at different angles, you can coax more light into the room.

Bow windows are just like bay windows, but they’re arranged in a smooth curve. Bay windows are more angular — they’re often set in a square or hexagonal shape.

A picture window consists of one smooth pane of glass. It offers a completely unobstructed view outside, conveniently creating an unobstructed path for sunlight to get inside.

Wash Your Windows

Of course, windows will bring in more sunlight when they’re sparkling and clean. So, make a habit of washing your windows and keeping them free of dirt, smudges, and unsightly streaks.

Use a Solarium

A solarium is a glass-enclosed room attached to the exterior of a house. It’s typically used as a lounge area where you can soak up the sunshine and take in the view outdoors without having to worry about nuisances like bugs or neighborhood noise. Solariums can also make excellent reading nooks, dining rooms, and indoor gardens.

How do you get a solarium? If you’re hoping to add a solarium to your home to bring in more sunshine, you should click the link and book a consultation with the experts.

They’ll guide you through the options that will match your needs and your house’s interior design so that once it’s installed, it will be a perfect fit.

Get Glass Doors

Your windows aren’t the only entrances that can bring in light. Your doors can do it, too! Use sliding glass doors or French doors for your back entrance. Use solid doors with glass panels, sidelights, and transom windows for your front entrance.

Pick Up a Paint Brush

A fresh coat of paint can also brighten up your rooms. Choose light-colored paint for the walls and bright white paint for the ceilings. Consider getting paints with semi-gloss finishes — these reflect light around the room better than matte finishes.

These tips will make your house brighter, lighter, and all-around better than ever.