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If You’re Renting a Small Flat Here are 4 Things You Need to Keep In Mind

There are many tricks for making the best use of space in a small flat. A quick google search shows thousands of results. Somehow, it’s still difficult to find useful advice.

The process is individualized and requires a lot of decision-making. In your own room, every decision is up to you. That may be exciting, but in fact, it’s rather exhausting and can be at times overwhelming.

image - If You’re Renting a Small Flat Here are 4 Things You Need to Keep In Mind
If You’re Renting a Small Flat Here are 4 Things You Need to Keep In Mind

This article will make it easier. There are aspects worth thinking through in advance so that you’re not walking in the dark. It will help you come up with general criteria for how you want to optimize the use of your space.

Next time, when you’ll be looking for inspiration for small rooms, you will be better at selecting what’s applicable in your space, and what’s not.

DIY or Ready Products

One of the goals for small flats is to have multi-functional furniture. The internet is full of tips on how to renovate it so that they have more uses or storage areas. Making adjustments yourself is certainly a great option if you’re looking for customization, low-budget or unique design.

However, it’s time-consuming and the general result may look less professional. It doesn’t have to be the right option for you. You can freely choose to buy already made furniture designed for smaller houses.

Deciding in advance what’s better for you will help you to filter the choices and not get distracted while searching for inspiration, as spending time on DIY seems to be the most popular path.

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Functionality or Design

Smaller living space does require creativity in planning the space so that it meets all the needs. Multi-use furniture or furniture designated for smaller rooms will do half of the job for you.

However, you probably need to think in detail about how you’re going to use the space. Search for beds for small rooms to get an idea that a bed can also provide storage or working space, or can have a non-standard size to fit two people in a smaller space.

On the other hand, design is what makes a room special. Decide how much you are willing to compromise in that. Some of the proposed solutions for small rooms are not in trend and are a bit “too extravagant”.

Be Cunning About Storage

Don’t underestimate how much stuff you have, and where you’ll keep them. Not having a proper storage place will result in a general mess, when everything is lying around and about.

That will make your room look stuffy, cramped, and cluttered. So, plan extra storage. There’s never enough. Use spaces underneath the bed.

Use corners. Use the vertical space of your walls add smart cabinet drawers, build up the walls, go up to the ceiling if necessary. Invest in a coffee table or a stool with a small storage area inside.

Small Flats Can’t Afford Unused Spaces

Think about whether this applies to your flat. Do you have a place behind the mirror in the corner? An empty area behind a folded couch? The space under the stairs? The space over doors? All of those could be utilized. Look for solutions for specific areas that are unused in your flat.

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