Although most homeowners tend to overlook this fact, a clean and properly functioning gutter system is incredibly vital for your property’s well-being and aesthetics.

Gutters usually block over time by deposited elements such as fallen leaves, twigs, soils, moss, and other debris.

image - The Importance of Gutter and Roof Cleaning

The Importance of Gutter and Roof Cleaning

The build-up of broken leaves and debris makes a perfect breeding ground for invasive weeds, moss, insects, and harmful bacteria.

If left unattended, the clogged gutter will prevent rainwater from flowing downstream, thereby damaging the roof and causing structural weakness in the building.

Things may get out of hand if you add snow and ice build-up during winter. We are a distinguished guttering system, siding, and roofing installation and repair brand serving Greater Pittsburgh.

You can access Ribbon Roofing of Pittsburgh services in the following areas: Bethel Park, Fox Chapel, Upper St. Clair, Carnegie, Cranberry, Washington, Ross Township, Oakland, and Whitehall.

Read below to learn the importance of regular gutter and roof cleaning:

Roof Damage

The rainwater emanating from the roof should be appropriately channeled via the guttering

system and downspout to prevent roof damage. If a clogged gutter blocks the rainwater, water pooling will occur, and this may cause cracks to appear on the roof.

After some time, the cracks will lead to leaks which may damage the ceiling. If you are to do the repair works, you will have to factor in the cost of installing a new ceiling and performing interior repairs.

At Ribbon Roofing, we are experts in residential and commercial roofing installation and repair. Our roofing technicians are also well-versed in roof storm damage.

Gutter Damage

When debris and pooling water settle in your gutter, a lot of things can go wrong. First, a combination of organic and chemical materials can cause some roofs and gutters to rust.

A choked gutter will give way easily and damage the underlying brackets. To prevent the damage, make sure broken gutters are removed and replaced immediately.

Homeowners should also carry out Cleaning regularly to forestall future structural damage. Hiring a roof and gutter cleaning service with professional workers is generally easier and affordable than undertaking major home repairs such as installing a new roofing or guttering system.

Our gutter and downspout services cover repair, installation, and cleaning.

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Basement Flooding

Basement flooding is a serious concern to any homeowner as it can damage the building and place interior fixtures like furniture and appliances at a high risk of destruction. It is no

surprise that clogged gutters are one of the most common reasons for basement flooding. The damage becomes more apparent when water leaks into the basement and destroys the paint job.

A moist environment creates a perfect ground for mold and mildew to grow. One of our solutions to protect the external walls and basement is the installation of durable sidings.

The solutions include James Hardie, metal siding, vinyl siding, and soffit and fascia.

Pest Menace

Gutters choked with dirt and other debris can attract nesting birds and rats as well as termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and other insects that are known to carry diseases.

If the pests manage to enter the home, you will have much bigger problems to worry about. Remember, regular gutter system cleaning will not only improve the building’s aesthetics.

It will also deny birds, rodents, and insects the room to enter your home. Ribbon Roofing experts can help you curb the pest menace by offering durable roofing and guttering system installation and repair services.

Our services are widely available throughout Pittsburgh.

Foundation Damage

The building foundation can easily be destroyed by rainwater and flooding. Damages are likely to occur when cracks appear on the foundation.

When a home develops a weak foundation, the risk of damage increases, and the house becomes unsafe. It is not easy to sell a home with an unstable foundation because it won’t pass a strict inspection code.

The cost of carrying out foundation repairs will also be high since structural reinforcement, and construction approval permits are critical requirements in the undertaking.

Unsightly Appearance

A guttering system with clogged drainage will have decreased proficiency and poor performance. Water overflowing from the gutter will also add a stain on the building’s siding and cause the roof shingles to deteriorate.

And that is not the only problem; the clogged gutter will negatively impact your property’s appearance. You can avoid the sight by keeping your gutter clean from all the angles to keep your home in top shape.

We provide high-quality seamless gutters that are easy to install and more durable.