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6 Items That Will Transform Your Backyard into a Fun Outdoor Living Space

If you don’t really use your backyard, it’s probably not your fault. There’s just a lack of activities for you to do out there.

Even if you have a really nice, well-kept lawn, you’ll still need an excuse to go out there. And let’s face it, a couple of chairs and a table isn’t enough.

image - 6 Items That Will Transform Your Backyard into a Fun Outdoor Living Space
6 Items That Will Transform Your Backyard into a Fun Outdoor Living Space

So, to help you out with that and lend you a bit of inspiration, I’ve put together this list of fantastic things you can add to any outdoor space to transform it into a real living space.

All of these works so well specifically because they create activities for you (and your guests) to take part in, and really, that’s all you need for you to start spending more time out there.

1. A Portable Fire Pit

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting by a fire pit, toasting marshmallows with a few friends. However, you usually need quite a lot of wood for a fire pit if you want a fire of a decent size. That’s where a portable fire pit comes in.

If you get yourself a well-designed portable fire pit, you can really make use of the enhanced airflow that they provide to get taller flames out of a smaller amount of burning wood.

And not only that but because they aerate the burning wood so well, they leave behind only ashes. No mess.

Wood ash is also quite useful in the garden as a source of lime and potassium for your plants too, so nothing is wasted.

2. An Outdoor Grill

This is the simplest way to bring your culinary skills (or culinary attempts) outdoors without having to invest in a whole outdoor kitchen.

Besides, as everyone knows, hosting a barbecue is the classic excuse to invite friends over and spend the day outdoors.

3. An Outdoor Projector

For this, you’ll need an outdoor projector screen too, but it’s a simple setup that can bring you and your friends’ endless entertainment. Watching movies and playing video games outdoors just adds a whole new cozy, atmospheric quality to the experience.

The caveat is, they work a lot better in the evenings or at night. If staying up late playing video games and watching movies sounds like your kind of thing, then I guess you could say that’s not even a downside.

4. A Patio Heater

For colder climates, winter, or simply those spring or fall days where happens to be a bit chilly outside, a patio heater is an incredible piece of kit. If you’ve never used one before, or been at a bar that has one in its outdoor area, they’re incredible.

Since it’s an infrared light that provides the warmth, you’re kept warm directly, rather than like how a normal heater works. A normal heater basically would waste all its warmth into the air.

5. An Outdoor Daybed

This basically the one thing you need to turn your patio into a luxury resort. Well, other than cocktails.

An outdoor daybed typically comes with a sun shelter, as well as segments that can be separated out to turn it onto a set of chairs and an ottoman.

That means it’s a truly multifunctional piece of outdoor furniture, so it’s really easy to justify the price. Especially so since it’s something that will, by itself, form the core of your outdoor social space.

If you don’t already have outdoor furniture, then an outdoor daybed becomes a much more attractive option. If you do though, then you’ll have to have a think about whether you have a good amount of space for it.

These things are big, so they create a whole area for relaxing in.

Bonus points for getting an outdoor pergola to put your outdoor daybed under. Especially a wood pergola. That’s a surefire way to top off that Mediterranean resort vibe.

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6. A Trampoline

Ideal for families of course, but it doesn’t have to be for families only. Bouncing on a trampoline is a pretty fun way of keeping fit as an adult. Sure, it’s unconventional, but don’t let that stop you.

Of all the ideas in this list, the trampoline takes up the most space. If you don’t mind the look of one, then it’s totally worth considering getting one to bounce around on like a maniac, since it’s pretty much the easiest exercise-based backyard activity you can do solo.

It’s a really great stress reliever too, as you can imagine.

Final Thoughts

All of these options can really make a huge difference in the number of activities you can use your backyard for. Any one of them practically multiplies what you can do out there. But, let me tell you, they’re not the only ways you can approach this.

Get creative, and see what excuses you can make for yourself to get out there and start enjoying the sunshine – or the fresh outdoor air, at the very least.