The average consumption of electricity in an average family is 20-30 kw/h. The bill scales higher when it comes to hospitals, schools, and other facilities where electric power consumption is high.

As a result, most managers look for ways to lower consumption or better still economize it.

image - The Importance of Using Solar System

The Importance of Using Solar System

Among the ways through which the consumption of electric power is cut is by using Solar System.

Most institutions use solar panels to provide energy during the day while electric power is for the night.

You may therefore be wondering, why is it so important to use solar panels in place of electric power?

Below are the reasons why.

It Reduces Electricity Bills

The higher the rate of consumption the more the power bills. Other than lighting, power is used by cookers to prepare dishes, dry cleaners to wash clothes, among other electric appliances.

Put together, the amount of power consumed by these appliances together with lighting in a month could be up to $500.

Solar panels tap energy directly from the sun and convert it into usable energy.

You can use the energy directly from the panel during the day, especially in summer when the sun is hot. For the night, you consume energy from the battery.

Well, during the day, most of the energy tapped from the sun is stored in batteries. It is from these batteries that energy is drawn for use when it is dark. This way, you do not have to incur costs on paying bills.

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Solar Panels Help Improve the Environment

Traditional electricity comes from fossils such as coal and natural gas. When fossils burn, they produce harmful gases that pollute the air and the environment.

Fossils are also limited, resulting in high costs. As a result, the cost of electricity is high.

Energy driven from the sun by the solar is pure and clean. Using solar panels Adelaide helps reduce dependence on fossil fuels. It also helps fight the emission of greenhouse gases.

The air and water produced by fossils are harmful to both humans and animals. To reduce the effects, therefore, we replace fossils with solar panels.

The latter does not need large amounts of water for cooling as opposed to fossils during production.

Minimize Power Hikes

Blackouts are common, especially during the rainy season. At that time, most affected areas stay in the dark.

To avoid being a victim, you need a solar system. Apart from a reduction in the amount of energy tapped, solar panels are not affected by rains. This means that you will not face power hikes.

In some cases, electric energy charges face fluctuations that may be due to increased taxes or a shortage of power. Then, you will not have to worry about power bills, as solar panels use natural energy.


You need to have alternative sources of energy for an emergency. During that time of the year when people experience power hikes, you will not have to worry.

Solar panels are the best way to do this. They are important in that they are less costly and they help conserve the environment.