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Important Facts That You Should Know About Japanese Floor Table

Japanese culture is very exciting as they have a lot of things going on all the time. Their culture of clothes and furniture is unique from all others in the entire world.

Especially, Japanese floor table which looks surprisingly simple but is different from all.

image - Important Facts That You Should Know About Japanese Floor Table
Important Facts That You Should Know About Japanese Floor Table

They love to sit on the floor and would like to warm their feet in the cold weather under the table. No matter what type of home you visit in Japan, you will find a floor table.

These are very comfortable and they also have health benefits as well. Their unique design is the main part that attracts all others from all over the world.

Agronomics of Japanese Floor Table

If you think of the agronomics of these tables, they are simple. It is a table that has small legs and they are specially designed so that you can rest your legs underneath the table.

Moreover, it has enough space to keep you comfortable and also your back won’t hurt as you can rest your hands on the table also.

Usually, these tables are built with strong materials and can hold weights. They try to use processed woods rather than the original ones as there are a lot of spills and most of the time these tables come with heaters.

Yes, these tables come with heaters and thermometers. Winter in Japan is very cold and the best way to warm ourselves is by using these tables. Moreover, all the furniture you will have in a Japanese home, most of them are flooring.

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Health Benefits of Chabudai

Chabudai is known as a floor table in japan. These floor tables have some health benefits that can help a human develop good hygiene and a healthy diet.

You see, when someone sits on a floor and has their meal, their belly is already pushed inside, and when they eat they will eat the only portion that they are required to fill their tummy. So, there won’t be excess consumption of food.

If people have excess consumption of food while sitting on a floor table, they will feel the tightening of their tummy. It helps to maintain a healthy diet and keeps the body in good condition. It is a very common practice in Asia and the Middle east.

Moreover, sitting down on floor tables also helps keep the backbone straight making it stronger. It is a good practice to keep your back straight whereas sitting on a chair can bend down your back.

Best Choices for Floor Table

There are lots of companies in the market and which one to pick as you are new to the Japanese floor table. Here are some of the best examples you can find in the market. Those are:

Kiri Meditation Table

They are known for their antique designs as they come with unique patterns that are from Asia. Moreover, these tables are not entirely like Japanese floor tables but they do make you feel like them.

They also have different other positions for floor tables and can be a great choice for those who are starting.

CHABUDAI Japanese Antique Tea Table

These tables look and feel like Japanese tables and have unique color patterns. You can use them for years without worrying about the quality detouring.

MustMat Warm Kotatsu Table Wood Japanese Heated Table

These are some of these special tables that you can attach heaters to. It will let you enjoy authentic Japanese culture and their experience.


Japanese floor tables are good-looking and also show the culture of Japan. These tables are easy to use and do not break too often.

Moreover, they are lightweight so you can easily carry them wherever you want and the best part is you can enjoy warm feet in winter.

Staring from healthy benefits to everything you need, these tables are easy to use and easy to clean. Moreover, they are easy to set up. So, all you have to do is carry them to the area you want to sit. Adding floor matts can also increase the beauty of these tables.

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