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4 Important Tips to Make Home Lighting Smarter

Home automation, or smart home for another word, is a system that can control home devices, which is an important part of IoT (Internet of things).

As the most basic part of home automation, how smart can lighting be?

It has to be clarified that the so-called “smart” is not limited to using APPs to switch lighting.

image - 4 Important Tips to Make Home Lighting Smarter
4 Important Tips to Make Home Lighting Smarter
  • No need to retrofit wiring or hire a lighting specialist to customize the lighting program, just buy relevant equipment that can achieve functions as many as possible.
  • Capable to adjust lights gradually, avoiding sudden changes in brightness to protect eyes, as well as avoiding the sudden change of high current and temperature impact on the filament, to protect the bulbs and extend their service life.
  • Interior spaces like kitchens, bathrooms can realize 90% switch automation without human intervention.
  • With a smart operation like dimming, memory function, lighting can be controlled based on atmosphere through APP and voice control.
  • Once linked with the home security system, when there is an alarm, the light you set will keep flashing to warn family members.

What Exactly is the Role of Smart Lighting and What is the Meaning of its Existence?

First of all, the most important meaning of smart lighting is to deal with a human commonality: laziness. Imagine lying in bed in the winter while reading books, when you turn sleepy and don’t want to get up to turn off the light, just say “Hey, turn off the lights” to get it done.

Second, to avoid the unexpected. Elder people and young children are easy to fall off in the dim, which might cause a significant health risk. There is a particularly high demand for security and safety.

Third, many people don’t notice the real value of smart lighting, thinking it a waste of money.

Smart lighting, in fact, can help us exclude some external factors, and let us focus on what we are keen on, such as reading, writing, knitting, programming, or playing games.

Knowing so many benefits of smart lighting, it’s time to turn ideas into reality. If you are designing your home, or want to renovate your lighting, here are the suggestions that may inspire you.

Install a Smart Gateway

Smart home devices all need to be connected to a smart platform in order to achieve automation, remote control, and interlinking between devices.

However, some of them are equipped with Zigbee, which is a local network communication technology that needs a gateway to be connected to the Internet.

If you don’t want to control your lighting through various remote controls, a smart gateway is a way to avoiding this situation.

Please note that if you all purchase smart lighting with a WiFi function, a smart gateway is not compulsory.

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Equip Lighting with Smart Socket

Imagine that you have a desk lamp that can only be turned on/off through plugging or unplugging, or you realize that you forget to turn off the lights at home in a bedroom while you have arrived workplace…

The simplest way to solve these problems, or one step further, to play the traditional lighting overhaul is to equip them with smart sockets.

Once configured, you can control them through phone or voice control whether you are at home or not.

Choose Smart LED Lamp

Rid the stereotype. LED lamps are no longer white elephant that only emits blinding white light.

Take the Sunmory LED floor lamp as an example, not only can it be dimmable, but also adjustable to different scenarios by switching to different modes.

If you switch to sleeping mode, it can be turned off automatically after an hour to help you sleep better.

Moreover, it is able to understand you better like a close friend. Its memory function remembers the brightness and color last time and reappears it when you turn it on.

With the help of a smart socket, you can set a time to wake you up by lighting.

Amplify LED Strip Lights

You might have known that atmosphere can affect the mood, and lighting is exactly a part of the atmosphere.

Many dimmable LED lights have managed to transfer the lighting style between warm and cold. But can they move a step further?

The answer is yes. LED strip lights can adjust lighting according to music rhythm, turn your home space into a party and karaoke room with a simple click.

It has to be emphasized that the installation of LED strip lights can’t be easier by removing their glue stickers.


Compared with traditional lighting, smart lighting can realize the management of soft start, dimming, mode transformation, and even use phone or computer to advance intelligent control of lighting, so as to achieve energy saving, environmental protection, comfort, and convenience.

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