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How to Improve Health and Wellness through Feng Shui?

Most people consider their home as their sanctuary far from the world. After spending a hectic day at work people look forward to returning to their home for kicking their feet up and recharging their batteries. The moment they step into their abode, they are hopeful of experiencing a relaxed feeling.

Unfortunately, however, most people experience the opposite which is anxiety and stress. If you belong to the latter category, this may affect your health. The good news is you can bring calm to your home without spending a fortune. Now the question is how? Well, you can do this through Feng Shui principles.

How to Improve Health and Wellness through Feng Shui
Improve Health and Wellness through Feng Shui

How to Improve Health and Wellness through Feng Shui?

Below are some points which can be universally applied to improve health and well-being.

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  • Clear the Junk

To bring something good and positive in life first and foremost you need to clear the crap filled in the different parts of your home. This change will be truly monumental.

  • The Elements

The elements associated with health include wood and earth. Every element is represented via a material, shape, and color. For instance, the wood element is characterized by green and columnar shapes as a tree and things created from wood like cotton, plants and wood floors.

It is advisable to have all the 5 elements represented within the space which can accentuate the element of wood for health.

  • Being Centered

The central concept of the home is another vital Feng Shui principle which also represents health. It is the center which grounds as well as unifies every other area.

While using the Feng Shui tool the Bagua Map – the home will be categorized into 9 parts with the simplest to locate being the center where your energies can be focused to improve the health for best Feng Shui elements make the most of geodes by Michal and Company.

  • Getting Grounded

The element related to the home’s center and also the health is the earth. It is represented via the shades of brown and yellow, square shapes and also anything resulting from the earth like clay or stone.

The best way of combining the elements of wood and earth is by having a vase compromising of yellow flowers placed at the home’s center or the kitchen counter. The earth element will work wonders in increasing stability in a person’s life and make them feel centered and connected that will reduce stress and augment the health.

  • Boost Up the Personal Chi

Practice yoga. The chi flows via living things akin to flowing in nature as well as around the home. With pranayama exercises and yoga, you can move the prana/chi through the body as well as releasing blocks.

  • Change the Sheets

A simple Feng Shui principle to augment health will be by changing the bedsheet to bright colors such as green or yellow.

  • Add Plants

Plants signify the wood element which in turn improves health. It is vital to get the correct plant. Place cacti in the bedroom and no spiky plants. Round-leaved plants will be soothing and large, leafy plants such as focus will aid in reviving chi and filling stagnant corners.

Good health and good luck- adopting some changes will jump-start your wish to doing more hence start small yet be passionate regarding your dedication to improved health and better wellbeing.

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