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5 Ways How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom — You bedroom is your sanctuary – it’s the place you feel the most relaxed and yourself. It’s a safe space, where you can show your true feelings, find your zen and get in touch with your true self and your partner.

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

This is why your bedroom needs to be arranged in almost perfect harmony, where positive energy can flow freely. Feng shui, meaning “wind and water”, can greatly contribute to creating the feeling of calmness and enjoyment inside your bedroom. 5 simple fengshui tips will help you do this:

5 Ways How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

5 Ways How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

  1. The Abundance of Fresh Air, with No Electrical Equipment

Technical appliances such as TV or a computer, or even exercise equipment should be banned from your bedroom. Firstly, they emit high EMFs, which can be detrimental to your health. Secondly, they force you to concentrate on something other than yourself and your partner, transferring your attention to an outside source. And lastly, they clutter the bedroom space, which needs to be airy.

Fresh air is necessary for a good night sleep. Keeping the window open is the simplest solution. It’s even better if you move the curtains aside and let the natural light enter the room.

  1. Find the Best Location for Your Bed

Every person has their lucky fengshui direction, which you need to discover first in order to put the bed in that direction. It’s important that the bed can be accessed from both sides, having a nightstand on each side. Once you do that, organize the position of other furniture in the best accordance with the bed. Another thing to pay attention to is the mirror – it shouldn’t be placed across the bed. Also, any sharp object pointed at you while you’re sleeping will disrupt your sleep pattern or its quality.

  1. Decor and Colors are Important

Decor and Colors are Important - How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Decor and Colors are Important (How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom)

Your bedroom should only be decorated with things that you love and that bring nice memories. Whether it’s art, a childhood item or a present from a friend, it needs to make you happy and inspired.

It’s very similar to choosing the right colors – the point is for you to feel relaxed, happy and motivated. If you’re not sure which colors are in accordance with fengshui, check fengshui color guidelines in order to narrow your choice down to a couple of colors. For example, earth colors are always a good choice for a bedroom, while stronger colors such as red or coral orange add that touch of sensuality and romance. Once you’ve done it, local painters can help you decide which one of them would fit best with your furniture.

  1. Bedroom Lighting

Lightning in the bedroom shouldn’t be too bright and come from only one lighting source. It’s best to have several sources or levels of lighting, for example, you could install a dimmer switch to match your mood each evening. The best solution would be candles – not only they create a warm and intimate atmosphere, but they can also easily change their location as you wish and they are great energy cleaners for a room.

Bedroom Lighting - How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Bedroom Lighting (How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom)

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  1. Keep Everything Closed During the Night

No matter how many doors there are in your bedroom, they should all be closed while you’re sleeping, including the bathroom door and the closet doors. This will prevent the nourishing energy from getting out of the room – this is the energy you need for your health, as well as for the health of your relationship with your partner.

Another thing with keeping the closet door closed is that it helps to create the sense of order and harmony inside the bedroom, which contributes to the overall feeling of peace and calm.

Final Words: How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

How to Feng Shui Your Bedroom

Each person has their own vision of a perfect bedroom. Still, each of those bedrooms has one unifying characteristic – it brings out the feeling of peace and joy to the person sleeping in it. You only need time to create a perfect bedroom for you, step by step.

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