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Improving Your Real Estate Recruitment in 5 Steps

Recruiting top real estate professionals is a rewarding endeavor. Indeed, finding the perfect fit for your staffing needs can be quite fulfilling. It is as important as finding the right mortgage marketing engine like Surefire.

The challenge, of course, is how to become more efficient at the job so that you can always hire the best talent.

It takes some hard work to learn the art of recruiting top real estate agents, but it’s also not as insurmountable a task as it seems.

image - Improving Your Real Estate Recruitment in 5 Steps
Improving Your Real Estate Recruitment in 5 Steps

Here are some simple steps to improve your real estate recruitment success rate:

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Use Recruiting Software

Recruitment can be a repetitive and tedious task in any industry, but especially in real estate. To help make things a little easier, it’s a good idea to use recruiting software like Brokerkit.

With such a tool in your arsenal, you’ll have access to a wide variety of functions such as automated email campaigns, powerful CRM, and multiple lead capture options.

You can also import leads from various sources for easy reference, automate social media look-ups, and segment your leads using different attributes.

Brokerkit can also send emails, text messages, and appointments through app integration. In short, most of the tasks that make recruitment repetitive and tedious can be made more efficient through recruiting software.

Hire at Every Level

When non-recruiters think of the recruitment process, they probably think of wide-eyed fresh graduates who are looking to make their mark on the world.

Obviously, this isn’t the case. Indeed, to be effective in real estate recruitment, you need to look at candidates at every level.

Your company has different needs and expectations, and you can’t very well presume that a single age bracket of candidates can fulfill these.

Older, more experienced real estate agents can lend their extensive knowledge, not to mention their gravitas, to your brokerage.

They’ve already established their careers, so focus on enticing them with company culture and improved agent marketing. Meanwhile, younger agents can bring a fresh set of eyes to an operation.

Create an attractive package for them with mentorship, brand development, and career acceleration on top of a competitive salary offer.

Be Proactive

Let’s get this truth out of the way: you’re doing a poor job if you’re only recruiting when you need to fill a vacant post. Indeed, you should always be on the lookout for talented agents.

Be proactive and keep on building relationships to connect with real estate professionals at all times.

Just think of it as laying the groundwork. This way, agents not only trust you but also think of you first when they decide to make a career move.

Being on an “always recruiting” mode will help open more opportunities for both you and the agent.

Moreover, maintaining amicable relationships within your network can help you when you’re thrust in an unwanted scenario.

For example, you won’t be scrambling for new hires when an agent decides to suddenly leave their current job.

Showcase Non-Monetary Value

Nowadays, real estate agents don’t just choose brokerages in terms of monetary compensation. Instead, they also look at other non-monetary benefits.

Some of these include a company’s brand and reputation, along with its culture. The latter is particularly important because no one wants to work in a place where they feel like they don’t belong.

As a recruitment professional, it’s your job to showcase these qualities to potential candidates. Use multiple channels to do this, including and most especially social media.

Improve Online Visibility

Nowadays, almost everything has taken the digital road. As such, it would be unwise if you don’t use the medium to your advantage.

Many of your potential recruits are either lurking or engaging in the digital space; thus, you need to invest to make sure that you and the company you work for are highly visible online.

The first step is to have an optimized website. Make sure that the user interface and user experience work seamlessly together.

Don’t forget to make it mobile responsive to cater to a large percentage of the market that now accesses the internet through mobile devices.

You should also ensure top-notch SEO. Produce high-quality and relevant content for your market to highlight your company’s values, culture, and expertise.

Social media sites are also valuable platforms to improve your online visibility. Use it wisely and strategically. Don’t just create a social media page just for the sake of having one.

Study your audience and be where they are. Engage them where they’re already active and let natural social media behaviors take over.

Finally and more importantly, don’t forget to optimize your content and campaigns using data analytics.

Recruiting the best people for your team involves a lot of steps and different parts. The key thing to remember is to take off your human resources or recruitment hat for a while and pretend you’re an agent.

Then, look at your own process. Be as objective as you can. If you find yourself inclined to join the brokerage, then you’ll know that you’re doing a good job.

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