The exterior of a home or an apartment can be extremely misleading. Sometimes, the exterior makes a house look much bigger than it really is. Other times, it sets you up for quite the shock when you open that front door.

That’s because a lot of modern-day interior design trends aren’t so visually appealing. Some are just downright ugly!

image - 9 Interior Design Trends That Should Be Banished

9 Interior Design Trends That Should Be Banished

You loved the way it looked in that magazine, but don’t jump on that bandwagon just yet. Let’s go over nine of the worst interior design trends that need to be banished.

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1. Gray, Gray, and More Gray

Whether you’re an open house connoisseur or you just like to browse Zillow in your free time, you’ve probably caught on to the gray trend. Most renovated homes these days have gray walls, gray floors, gray cabinets … gray everything!

While gray can make an interior appear neat and neutral, it’s also rather repetitive. Gray isn’t the most vibrant color, and you’ll likely grow tired of an all-gray home in a few months.

So, don’t be afraid to liven up your home and add a splash of color.

2. Motivational Quotes Everywhere

Motivational quotes used to be saved for T-shirts, tattoos, and desktop backgrounds. Now, they’ve made their way into homes. Even worse, they’ve made their way into almost every room.

We’re talking about signs that say things like:

Live. Laugh. Love.


But first, wine!

While you can hang a cute quote in one room of the house, it’s a little overboard when there’s one in every room. These should be accents to your current decor, not the basis for your home’s decor.

3. The carpeting in Every Single Room

Wall-to-wall carpeting is great if you have pets or children that like to run around and play. When the carpeting extends throughout the entire house, your home is going to look a tad outdated.

First off, carpeting is now being replaced with hardwood or even more affordable laminate flooring.

The problem with carpeting is that it can be difficult to match. Wood flooring can be combined with just about any color. But, if you have a blue carpet and you paint your room pink, it’s going to be quite the eyesore.

Plus, carpeting stains easily and absorbs a ton of moisture.

If hardwood floors ever go out of style and carpet comes back, you can just lay some carpet over them.

4. Completely Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are all the rage these days. They’re great for entertaining and can make your home look larger and more welcoming.

But when your entire first floor is completely open, the negatives outweigh the positives. There’s hardly any privacy, and sounds tend to be amplified quite a bit.

Another problem is that you can’t have a messy room with a completely open floor plan. If your living room is a mess, it makes your entire first floor look like a mess.

If you really want an open floor plan, make sure you wall off at least a few individual rooms.

5. The Outdated Accent Wall

If you were paying attention in the ‘90s or 2000s, nearly every home had an accent wall. This is when one wall in a room is a completely different color than the rest of the walls of the room.

The issue is that a lot of homeowners decided to go vibrant! There’s no need for a bright fuchsia or lime green accent wall in any room, let alone every room.

If you do like the added flair of an accent wall, choose a calmer color like a light-green or a light-blue. Also, remember that every room in the home does not need an accent wall.

It’s okay if all four walls are the same color.

6. Mason Jars for Everything

As American households are leaning toward a farmhouse feel, Mason jars have become a staple of just about every home. So much so, in fact, that Mason jars are being used for literally everything.

You’ll notice people using Mason jars as vases, drinking glasses, centerpieces, candleholders, and just about everything else.

But in reality, Mason jars are just plain jars. They aren’t really all that decorative.

Even if you do have a farmhouse theme going on, it’s okay to buy an actual vase or nice glassware instead of using Mason jars for everything.

7. Chalkboard Paint on the Walls

Your children might love to have chalkboard paint on the walls in their bedrooms, but chalkboard paint has no place in the rest of the house.

First off, it makes your home look too informal. In essence, you’re encouraging visitors to draw or write whatever they want on the walls of your kitchen or living room.

Yet, the greatest issue is that the chalk never seems to erase completely. After a few months, you’re left with dusty walls and chalk dust just about everywhere.

8. Wallpaper of Any Kind

Apparently, printed wallpaper is attempting to make its comeback. While you might like the old-school style that wallpaper brings to your home, it’s a nightmare to work with and get rid of.

Paint is easy because you can just paint a new layer over it when you want a change. The wallpaper removal process, however, is a huge burden. When you grow tired of your wallpaper, you’ll have to spend hours steaming it and peeling it off.

Unless you’re absolutely sure about a wallpaper design, avoid wallpaper at all costs.

9. Raised Sinks

A lot of modern homes incorporate raised sinks (aka vessel sinks) in both bathrooms and kitchens. While they definitely look formal and are rather eye-catching, they can be a pain in the long run.

The biggest issues are that they’re difficult to clean underneath and are easily damaged by just bumping into them. Plus, they make sinks difficult to reach for children and shorter adults.

Even though they’re much easier to install, they probably won’t stick around forever. So, stick to old-school sinks. They have the same function!


It seems like every year, new interior designs begin making headway. Yet, very few stick around for years or even decades. So, what you might think looks nice now will be completely outdated and unappealing in a few years.

Stick to what you like in your home and avoid hopping onto design trends unless they look like they’re going to be around for a while.

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Author Bio - Dominique DanielsDominique Daniels is the Business Manager at The Morton, a luxury apartment community.