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How to Keep Your Home Exterior Clean During This Quarantine Period

Lazing around is making your energy levels run low instead of giving you a boost. Lacking all the usual movements you make every day at work and even during the weekends will put unnecessary stress on you.

The problem is that it’s going to be the trend for most people while this whole quarantine period isn’t over yet. It can be truly tiresome to spend all your time hiding inside your home.

For most people, nowadays, everything is stagnant. But, should it be the same case for you?

image - How to Keep Your Home Exterior Clean During This Quarantine Period
How to Keep Your Home Exterior Clean During This Quarantine Period

The whole world is now two or three months into the new way of life. Terms like WHO, underlying conditions, N95, quarantine, and social distancing are suddenly commonplace.

Every family has made staying healthy a priority during this time. One effective way of doing it is, of course, to clean your home and eliminate toxins.

When cleaning your house during this quarantine period, you shouldn’t take your home’s exterior for granted. Read on to learn how to keep it clean.

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  1. Remove Debris From Your Yard

Take some of your free time to remove any dead plants and pick up sticks and limbs in your yard. You can also use a garden vacuum cleaner for raking dead leaves.

You’ve maybe let your yard cleaning fall by the wayside before the quarantine period. It’s not too late to do it now that you have plenty of time on your hands.

  1. Clean Your Patio

As you probably already know, mildew and moss can easily build up in your patio’s shady areas. These organisms can ruin your concrete, brick, and tile patios if you disregard them.

You can do the cleaning yourself using a pressure washer if you have one. It’s also a good idea to call a specialist if there’s one operating in your area during this quarantine period.

A patio cleaning specialist will come with useful equipment, such as floor machines. A must investment that you also have to consider for your patios and decks to prevent stain and ensure their longevity is to have them sealed.

  1. Clean Your Patio Furniture

Regular cleaning of your patio furniture is also important to make them last longer. As you may have noticed, dust, spiders, and bugs can actually make your patio furniture their home.

Once this quarantine period is over, it’s definitely no fun to sit down with family and friends while there are spiders and bugs crawling out of your furniture’s woodwork.

Ensure that they’re ready once your next group of visitors starts coming in soon.

  1. Wash Down Or Sweep Your Driveway

Sometimes, all your driveway needs are some good sweeping or a general washdown. Most people, however, use a pressure washer if the driveway in their homes has already been stained or gotten dirty.

Like your patio, you can also guard your driveway by having it sealed using a waterproof sealer after cleaning it. This type of sealer will not only keep your driveway looking good, but will also protect it against future damages.

Since stains will be kept to a minimum, dirt can’t adhere and can be swept off more quickly, thus future cleaning will also become much easier.

Your driveway is an important aspect of the exterior of your home that you shouldn’t overlook even this quarantine period. Your home will surely look great once the dust starts to settle, and you’ll be glad you really took the time.

  1. Clean Your Facade

The facade includes the garage and your home’s outside materials. They’re actually what many people see first. Hence, it may be the right time to clean them now that you have free time on your hands because of the quarantine period.

Are they already dirty or worn?  Pressure wash them, especially if you have siding or brick. Be careful when pressure washing, especially if you have CCTVs mounted on your siding.

  1. De-Junk The Gutters

Many trees, such as maples, oaks, and black locust, drop litter at any time of the year, which can easily reach the gutter of your home.

Remove debris while checking for cracks in the seams. Scrape out the old caulking using an old chisel before drying the area thoroughly.

Prevent the boards from rotting by keeping the water from getting behind your gutters. You can use new bead silicone to do the sealing.

  1. Wash Your Windows

Windows can affect your home’s entire look and feel, and this is especially true if they’re dirty. Windows, indeed, do more than only letting the light in and giving you a view of how the outside world looks like.

Depending on the seasons or weather conditions in your area, frequent cleaning of your windows may be needed. The general recommendation, however, is to do the cleaning twice a year.

You can wash your windows using a water hose and a sponge or warm soapy water and a squeegee.

image - Wash Your Windows
Wash Your Windows



Keeping your home’s exterior clean isn’t an exception, even during the quarantine period. Use the recommendations above for a complete cleanup.

Implementing the pieces of advice above won’t only improve the health and safety of your family while staying at home, but will also make you feel confident that your visitors, once the quarantine period is over, will be pleased.

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