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Key Things Australians Should Know About Native Plants

Although home to global cities like Melbourne and Sydney and some of the most captivating wildlife, Australia is also renowned for its unmatched and spectacular flora. The country has more than twenty-one thousand plants, out of which over eighty percent are endemic.

image - Key Things Australians Should Know About Native Plants
Key Things Australians Should Know About Native Plants

Invariably, residents across various regions invest in unique native Australian plants for their home gardens, adding to the visual appeal of their surroundings. You can choose from countless medicinal herbs, culinary plants, and decorative greens to grace your backyards and kitchen gardens.

Australians about to plant a garden will find the following information about native flora helpful in determining the right ones for their space.

The Nature of Native Australian Plants

Since the Australian climate is typically hot, dry, and arid, the plants, trees, and shrubs are resilient to harsh weather. Most are low maintenance, require less water, are disease-resistant, and can survive in arid conditions.

Consider Acacia as an excellent example of these features. Commonly known as wattle trees, this conifer is extremely popular in the country. In fact, it is estimated that over twelve hundred species of it can be found in Australia.

You can find it in several regions, such as Canberra, Victoria, and Adelaide Hills, to name a few. The Eucalyptus is another endemic tree with over two thousand eight hundred species, widespread in the Alps and the Blue Mountains.

The most beautiful ones include flowering Proteaceae species like banksias and waratahs. Also, Emu Bushes (or Eremophila) can be found all across the arid and semi-arid Western Australia regions.

Perhaps inevitably, the Australian government has initiated several conservation plans, keeping their functionality, aesthetic appeal, and flexibility in mind.

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Popular Types to Buy

Many Australians use Westringia and Lilly Pilly varieties (like Waterhouse) for eye-catching hedges around their property, besides the more common shrubs like banksias and grevilleas. They provide adequate privacy, protection, and soil stability all year round.

However, the choice needs to be more precise regarding functional-cum-aesthetic gardens. Australian residents can choose a broad range of green varieties to set up in their gardens depending on the purpose of the space.

For instance, Native Mentha (or mint), Ruby Saltbush, and Lemon Myrtle are popular herb choices by many homeowners across states. On the contrary, Ambika and Sea Purslane are sought-after for their aesthetic appeal, besides being valuable herbs.

Other exotic, drought-tolerant, and beautiful options to consider include Coastal Saltbush, Warrigal Greens, Rosella, and Native Mentha Diemenica. Consider the space in your home, soil type, average year-round temperature, and climatic conditions to make the right flora choice.

Buying from a Reputable Local Vendor Is Key

You must always purchase native Australian plants from trusted local suppliers with years of experience and a solid reputation. Otherwise, you may end up with bad-quality plants or those that do not match the description.

Ideally, consider those who supply a diverse range of herbs, shrubs, flowery plants, medicinal variants, and dried products Australia-wide, offering you a selection of hundreds of items.

Furthermore, purchasing from a reputable Australian supplier is best because they have in-depth knowledge of native flora, making them experts in the industry.

Also, they charge reasonable prices for their plants, deliver them on time, and allow buyers to customize their orders. For instance, residents can buy a Brahmi or Native Violet for under $5 at respected local stores. So, select a reliable Australian flora expert to meet your garden requirements suitably.