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4 Key Tips for Buying the Right Industrial Generator

Regardless of if you need a new generator to back up your manufacturing process or to protect important functions (like at the hospital) from power outages, it’s a big investment and an important decision.

However, not all industrial generators are the same. It is up to you to research the options and find the unit that best suits your needs.

Keep reading for some tips to help you with this important decision.

image - 4 Key Tips for Buying the Right Industrial Generator
4 Key Tips for Buying the Right Industrial Generator

1. Equipment Age

Any industrial generator buyers guide is going to have this same tip in it. You need to know the age of the equipment you plan to purchase if you are buying used.

Not just the age is important, though. You also need to know the total amount of hours it has been used and how the generator was used.

Consider the reputation and history of the manufacturer and if the previous owner has properly maintained the unit.

If you are buying new, this is not an issue, but new industrial generators can be pricey, so for some, used is the best option.

2. Size Needed

You will find several sizes of industrial generators to choose from. The size categories are determined by the total power supply capacity levels.

These range from just 5 kW to over 50 kW for personal use.

However, the sizes are much larger for industrial generators, with a base of 50 kW up to as much as three megawatts.

You also have small power plants, which are essentially industrial generators.

Usually, industrial units are used for data centers and offices that require ongoing, uninterrupted power. They are also used for hospitals, factories, and other power-critical businesses.

It is always better to purchase a larger generator than what you believe you need. Having too much capacity is always better than not having enough in an emergency.

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3. Fuel Type

Industrial generators can use gas, petrol, or diesel as fuel. Figuring out which one to choose is challenging unless you know more about each of the options.

The costs and availability of fuel are important to consider when purchasing an industrial generator.

You also need to consider the local regulations and compliance to ensure you don’t face serious penalties.

Another consideration is how portable the fuel the generator needs is. This will help you figure out if gas- or diesel-powered units are best.

4. Brand Reliability

It is important to purchase a reliable generator. This is because it may have to serve as the primary source of power when things stop working.

Be sure you don’t choose an unknown or cheap brand just to save some money. Choosing a proven and reliable manufacturer will help you avoid frustration in the future.

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Purchasing a New Generator

If you are ready to purchase a new generator, keep the information above in mind. This will help you get the right industrial unit for your needs.

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