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Power Generators: All You Need to Know

Power Generators are equipment that comes in handy when a power outage occurs. These work on the principle of Electromagnetic Induction. You can find them in hospitals, offices, restaurants, homes, etc.

In today’s world, you may find a lot of generators, including Portable Generators, Diesel Generators, and much more.

image - Power Generators All You Need to Know
Power Generators All You Need to Know

You can also find generators online on many websites like visit Solent Power generators, which offer services for power generators of all types, like camping generators, diesel generators, and so on, for emergency purposes.

The function of Power Generators

Power Generators burn fuel to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. This electrical energy helps in the smooth functioning of electrical appliances when there’s no power at your place. Generators are a major asset when there’s no sign of electricity for a long period.

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Types of Power Generators

You may find three types of power generators available in the market: Inverter, Standby, and Portable. Below-mentioned is a detailed analysis of all three generators.

Inverter Generator

An inverter Generator provides safer and cleaner power by inverting electricity. It works great for your sensitive electrical appliances. Most of the inverter generators are powered by gasoline. These generators are compact, small, portable, and energy-efficient.

Compared to conventional generators, inverter generators adjust the engine speed as per the power required. These power only 120-V outlets, hence working great for sensitive appliances. For corded tool sets, battery-powered inverter generators are the best.

Inverter Generators don’t produce much noise. These are more expensive than conventional generators but are great for camping, lights, heater, fans, etc.

Portable Generators

As the name suggests, portable generators are easy to carry, compact, and worth your money. It powers appliances from 120 V to 240 V. These portable generators have an average period of 10-15 hours.

Some run on gasoline, while others have liquid propane, diesel, or hybrids consisting of natural gas and liquid propane. Portable Generators don’t produce much power and are comparatively noisier than the standby ones.

Standby Generators

Standby Generators have a transfer switch that works automatically during a power outage.  a power outage. It’s an electrical system that can operate on natural gas, diesel, or liquid propane. These generators are not portable; instead, have to be installed.

The best part about some standby generators is that you can know the status through an app downloaded to your smartphone. Moreover, three-phase models can also provide electricity to magnificent industrial systems.

If you want to save time and buy power generators online, visit Solent Power Generators. Here, you can get a host of options and services that are required to maintain your generator. This company serves Healthcare, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Marine, and many other sectors.

Maintenance of Power Generators

It’s ideal to pay attention to the generator once in a while. Turn off all power and perform an internal inspection. Inspect the AC wiring and alternator for debris. Check the intake system and replace the air filter. While you’re at it, check the air intake lines.

You should also make sure that the crankcase ventilation is in good condition. This is the source of fresh air for the generator and allows steam to be removed from the crankcase.

Make your generator all decked up by changing oil, adding a flash cooling system,

replacing oil filters, testing the transfer switch, and replacing the spark plug.

The other applications are a little complex, and you can hire a company to perform these operations and services for the smooth functioning of your generator.


Shop the generator ideal to your objectives and goals. Moreover, maintenance is an essential aspect while buying a generator. You can opt for services and hunt for better prospects for a generator.

These power generators are efficient for emergencies. You should not compromise on quality and buy the best, affordable ones available in the market.