Know How You Can Enhance Your Bathing Experience

Know How You Can Enhance Your Bathing Experience

How it feels when you have a stressful day? You feel like dipping into water to get relaxed. With regard to this, if you are fortunate enough and you own a spa tub, then slipping into that relaxing tub helps you shed the day’s fatigue. However, the experience cannot be relaxing unless your tub is clean.

A spa tub is also known as a hot tub. You find it easy to care for and maintain your hot tub if you know the techniques. On the other hand, it seems difficult if you do not know the procedures.

Know How You Can Enhance Your Bathing Experience
Know How You Can Enhance Your Bathing Experience

Techniques To Clean Hot Tub

Ozone generator
can be the best electronic item for hot tub owners to clean it. If you wish, you can buy and install it for long- term cleanliness. It is easily available between $400 and $ 600.

However, this is a long-term technique to clean your hot tub. Besides this, if you wish to clean it on a weekly basis or short-term basis, then what procedures you should take up. For short term- cleaning, you need to arrange a few cleaning supplies to clean and sanitize you spa tub.

Let us see what supplies are essential for cleaning

For short-term spa tub cleaning, various kinds of hot tub chemicals are essential.

  1. Regular granulated chlorine
  2. Non-chlorine shock treatment
  3. Calcium inhibitor
  4. Sodium bicarbonate treatment
  5. Special purpose cleaning pad
  6. Test strips for assessing alkalinity, chlorine and pH levels in your spa tub
  7. Spa wand

How To Clean Your Spa Tub Regularly

Mix 2 ounces of non-chlorine shock treatment with 250 gallons of water. This concentration will oxidate the contamination stuffs in your hot tub and help you test and sanitize the tub after 15 minute of exposure. Use the test strip to assess the degree of chlorine, alkalinity and pH balance in the tub water.

If you find that the pH level of the tub is within the maximum range between 7.1 and 7.5, then you should correct alkalinity. This is because it can affect the other. Maximum alkalinity standard range is between 80 and 120 divisions per million. Therefore, if you find that alkalinity falls a little outside that range, then the pH levels of the water are all right. In this case, you must leave it as it is. Balance chlorine levels with granulated chlorine stuffs. Do not put more than optimal range between 1 to 3 parts per million.

Assess again the alkalinity of the water. If the water pH level is not fine, then do necessary modifications. Once you are sure about the alkalinity level, you can put 2 ounces of calcium inhibitor into the water. This will help prevent the tub from staining and scaling.

Lastly, use special purpose tub cleaning pad to mop water line and take away any rubble’s from the foot well with a spa wand.

If you carry out this short-term or weekly cleaning process, you can be able to keep your spa tub clean. With regard to this, if you want to make your bathing experience more enjoyable, then maintain your tub. With cleaning and maintaining your spa tub, you can keep your tub clean and hygienic.

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