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Ladders for Seniors – Safe at Height Even In Old Age

The work in the house and garden is never completely done. So that you can carry out these DIY activities safely even at an advanced age, you should be aware of the requirements that this entails.

image - Ladders for Seniors - Safe at Height Even In Old Age
Ladders for Seniors – Safe at Height Even In Old Age

Whether in the household when cleaning windows, changing the light bulb, or tidying up, a certain working height usually has to be overcome. This also applies to gardening, when a few branches have to be cut up in the tree or cherries have to be harvested – activities at higher altitudes are always necessary.

Especially in old age, the safety factor and comfort at work become more and more important. A stable stand and sufficient space on the ladder are therefore essential. Here you find ladders for seniors.

Stability and Security

Do you want to fetch a box from the closet, put a new lamp on the ceiling or put up a garland for your next birthday party? A ladder that is used high up for activities should always offer stability. This is more important than ever in old age.

A senior ladder should not only be non-slip and wobble-free but also offer support that you can hold on to. This prevents you from falling off the ladder.

A ladder with a high bracket is therefore ideal because you can hold on to and lean on. That increases security immensely. A stepladder or a folding step would be recommended, as these offer more stability with their wide steps than a ladder with rungs.

The Best Ladders for Seniors

Not every ladder is suitable for the demands seniors should place on climbing equipment. When choosing a leader, safety and stability should be the number one priority.

Hailo offers various security ladders that will safely help you achieve the desired result. The Hailo L100 TopLine models guarantee a particularly high level of slip resistance thanks to the extra deep, non-slip steps and are stable household ladders suitable for senior citizens.

You can also store your tools in a tray and the device for hanging up a bucket and do not have to use the ladder to go down again. Also, a handle can be extended on the storage tray, which provides you with additional security.

You can choose between three to eight steps with a maximum working height of up to 3.72 m. Also, our Hailo K100 step ladder is ideal as a senior ladder.

With its particularly large steps and its stable, high safety bar, it is the ideal companion in your household. So you not only stand safe and have a lot of space but can also hold on to or lean on the extra high bracket. In this way, you have a safe feeling even at height and balance problems will not upset you so quickly!

It is advised to use a EGA Products rolling ladder step since they provide more stability than a ladder with rungs thanks to their wide steps.