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8 Spectacular Lakefront Property Landscape Design Ideas

Are you looking for ways to spruce up your lakefront property?

With lakefront living, you already have a spectacular view. So how can you possibly top that?

image - 8 Spectacular Lakefront Property Landscape Design Ideas
8 Spectacular Lakefront Property Landscape Design Ideas

It’s not a matter of topping it as much as accenting it. So we’ll take a look at eight lakefront home design ideas to get you started.

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  1. Fence/Wall

If you want your lakeside home to have an air of privacy while keeping strangers away. Yet, a steel or iron fence can look like a prison, and wood requires a lot of maintenance to keep it from rotting.

Stone or brick walls are a traditional, yet natural solution. You could also use sculpted hedges such as boxwood, lavender, ficus, and cypress.

  1. Solar Water Fountain

It might sound like overkill to have a water source near the lake. But there’s something extra soothing about a fountain in a lakefront setting.

Plus, if you opt for a solar water fountain that continuously recirculates water, you won’t have to fill it very often. And it’ll accent any foliage or flowers you add.

  1. Hardscaping Options

One of the best ways to draw attention to the water’s edge is by building walkways that lead to the lake. You could also opt for an elevated boardwalk or even a deck that will provide a stellar view of the water while providing an area for gathering.

  1. Pool

While researching moving companies in Salt Lake City, you may want to consider pool companies as well. While splashing around in the lake sounds great on certain days, there are times you may want the stillness and serenity of a small pool. Pair it with a hammock and a canopy of trees and you’ll have the perfect lakefront oasis.

  1. Plant Life, Shrubbery and Trees

Plants, shrubbery, and trees can add shape and color to your landscape while framing the lake. Add some colorful lanterns to the trees to add a festive and magical feel. The greenery pops when juxtaposed with the blue of the water.

  1. Flower Walls

When you live on a lake, an outdoor shower is essential. But it can look stark or out of place. A wall of flowering shrubs creates privacy while still allowing enough warming sunlight into the shower space. Plants that thrive on moisture are ideal.

  1. Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

An outdoor fire pit or fireplace draws people together. Consider a circular tile island around the pit and surround it with butterfly chairs that easily fold for storage. Plant pampas grass around the periphery to block the offshore breezes, as well as for dramatic effect.

  1. Aquatic Landscaping

If maintaining water quality is a priority, you’ll want to use aquatic landscaping along the water’s edge to create a buffer zone or wetland area. This can also control erosion that can wreak havoc with your lakeside landscaping.

Beautify Your Lakefront Property

Add some pizzazz to your lakefront property with some of the above ideas for landscape design.

And for more great articles on all things design, keep checking back with us!