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Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass

Safety glass is necessary for all sorts of projects, from shower doors and patio furniture to storefronts. There are two solutions for it – tempered glass and laminated glass.

Both work well for home, auto, and business owners who look forward to increasing the safety and security of their glass fittings. However, it also depends on the application. Let us start briefing both, including their glass cut to size, Glasgow

image - Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass
Laminated Glass vs. Tempered Glass

What Is It?

Laminated glass comprises two pieces where one is of regular or tempered glass having layered by transparent plastic film. The glass undergoes the process to expel air pockets which are then passed through the heat for melting.

Then the glass is heated under pressure to produce a finished, bound product. Laminated glass is more robust by the addition of layers making the final product thick. A plastic coating of the film provides stretchability to the glass.

Tempered glass is the final product when the glass gets tempered. Once tempered, you cannot alter it. Firstly, the glass is cut before polishing.

Lastly, holes or notches are drilled into the class-the glass run through a tempering oven after fabrication at around 800 and 1400 degrees as per the thickness.

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Uses of Laminated Vs. Tempered Glass

As we have mentioned, there are cases where you may prefer to choose safety glass from laminated or tempered glass. Suppose you require security, special laminated glass.

You can use it for commercial glass where the extra layer of plastic or vinyl between the panes produces a barrier that is hard to break into more often than not. It keeps your business safe from harsh weather and intruders.

If you require safe inner glass, select tempered glass. It will be the perfect glass application for the home interior. The application comprises glass for shower doors and tub. Tempered glass is easy to clean and is cheaper in comparison to laminated solutions.

Both laminated glass and tempered glass may be helpful for auto applications. You can replace, install or repair tempered or laminated glass for windows, windshields, and so on.


Another way to have a look at tempered vs. laminated glass is its strength. The strength of both these safety glasses comes from the production procedure. Both of these fall into the category of safety glass for commercial properties and homes.

Their power differs, and each has a unique way to prevent unwanted entry or protect building occupants. Laminated glass is said to be stronger than tempered glass.

What’s Next?

Please keep in mind that both these glasses that laminated and tempered glass, qualify as safety glass. But yes, laminated glass is expensive than tempered glass.

Though laminated glass is more robust than tempered glass, tempered glass is valuable mainly for the doors and windows of the home, especially double glazing. However, due to its expensive nature, laminated glass is often helpful in residential construction.

Tempered glass provides breakage resistance and strength, but laminated glass offers extra security, soundproofing, and UV resistance. These glasses are easy to maintain and clean as you install them correctly as per perfect glass cut to size.