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Fed Up Seeing Your Broken Glass Windows? Here’s a Solution of Replacement Windows!

Do you have kids at home? Are you worried about the breaking of glass windows that might hurt them? Well, it is something that should never be left for too long and should be amended immediately.

Whether you’re tired of their constant breaking or just looking for ensuring the safety of your home, in this article, we will be presenting you with a solution to the replacement of your glass mirror.

So, let us begin!

image - Solution of Replacement Windows

Tempered Glass Window Replacement

While discussing the best alternatives for glass windows, we can never miss these tempered glass window replacements. They work as a simple up-gradation, which saves your money and ensures the safety of your home—interested in knowing more? Keep on reading!

Tempered glass is found to be stronger than the standard glass that is “annealed glass.”

Moreover, the cost of tempered glass varies from $12-$14 per square foot, so it depends upon the size of your windows.

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Main Benefits of Installing Tempered Glass Windows

There are so many reasons why one must install tempered glass windows, but the two, which are of utmost importance, are:

  • The stability of tempered glass is four times more than the standard glass.
  • It breaks in small dust pieces rather than large pieces and thus ensures safety from injury.

The Installation Procedure

image - The Installation Procedure

When you opt for the replacement windows, then it leaves you with two options; full-frame windows or insert windows.

The Full-frame Windows

  • The entire house windows replacement.
  • It gets necessary when the pre-existing frames get old or start to deteriorate.
  • If you’re looking to upgrade your home.

Insert Windows

  • The pre-existing frames must be in an appropriate condition.
  • The frames should be DIY friendly.

Installation Steps

image - Installation Steps

  1. The first step of the installation process is obviously, the removal of the windows.
  2. Now clean the part where the window glass replacement needs to be installed.
  3. Now, apply the flashing tape and let it sill.
  4. Make sure the length of the sill extends in the vertical direction.
  5. Check the level of the sill and ensure that there isn’t any bowing.
  6. Now fit the windows into the opening (dry fit), make sure there’s a small gap around the frame.
  7. Start the application at the stops, sills, as well as the interior head by a 3/8-inch bead of silicone caulk.
  8. Proceed towards the placement of the windows in the opening and rest it against the interior stops and make sure that you have pressed it enough against the caulk.
  9. You can make use of shims for securing the windows and place them at the pre-drilled holes.
  10. Proceed with the driving of holes from the inside through the shims and holes
  11. Check if everything is done properly.
  12. Now make sure that the windows are operating smoothly. When you find that everything is done accordingly, then you may cut the shims.
  13. It is recommended to apply the spray foam insulation from the outside. Make sure you are not overfilling the gaps.
  14. Start measuring the height from the lower end of the window to the sill and size the adapter of the sill.
  15. By using a sharp knife, cut the sills.
  16. Start drilling two holes at the lower part of the adapter and start locking it to the window.
  17. Now make use of the latex caulk in the interior trim, and you’re done! The installation is completed.

Plexiglass Windows Replacement

image - Plexiglass Windows Replacement

If you’re in search of strong material for your windows, then Plexiglass comes first. It is around 17 times stronger than the standard glass. Moreover, it can’t be broken easily.

The cost of Plexiglas starts from $20 per square foot, so the larger your window, the more it will cost.

What are the Benefits of Installing Plexiglass Windows?

image - Benefits of Installing Plexiglass Windows

Well, there are so many benefits that the installation of this Plexiglas windows brings and some of them are as follows:

They are Safer:

No doubt, Plexiglass is strong, still, with the right amount of force, it can break, but there’s nothing to worry about as it doesn’t get broken into thousands of small pieces.

It Features a Better Transmission of Light:

Plexiglass is more transparent than ordinary glass. Furthermore, it allows up to 90% of light to pass through it without any glare and reflections.

Easy to Be Used:

Unlike standard glass, which is heavy and can’t be cut with ease, Plexiglass is super easy to be used. You can cut it with complete ease, and it is super light in weight.

Insulated Replacement Glass

image - Insulated Replacement Glass

A combo of two or more than two panels of glass, insulated glass features a spacer bar that separates these two panels. Moreover, the spacer bar has either one or more air spaces between them.

Furthermore, they help in improving indoor thermal performance. The installation of the insulated glass helps in reducing the air-conditioning and heating costs.

The cost of insulated glass is generally $10 dollars per square, so the price of the window may vary with its size.

Where to Buy Replacement Glass with Guaranteed Quality?

image - Where to Buy Replacement Glass with Guaranteed Quality

Now, you know sufficient things regarding the replacement of your glass windows. However, the main question is, where can you buy these replacement glasses with guaranteed quality?

Well, it is no other place, but Fab Glass and Mirror. They are known throughout the world for providing top-most quality glasses. Their quality, services, delivery, and prices can never be beaten.

Also, they provide free delivery nationwide and accept all major cards. Their customer support is available throughout the clock to solve your queries, which shows that their primary goal is the satisfaction of their customers with their products and services.

In a Nutshell

Now that you have acquired great knowledge regarding the replacement glasses and by now, you must be inspired by the advantages that these alternatives bring.

So, wait for no further and get your replacement glass installed by Fab Glass and Mirror, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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