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Why Do Some Salt Lamps Melt?

First-time users of Himalayan salt lamps are often stressed when, after some time, their lamps start melting. And with the constant worry about durability, you end up worrying unnecessarily and endlessly.

Fab Glass and Mirror offers you one of the most reliable sources of top-quality salt lamps you can find around. However, if you are otherwise worried about your sweating lamp, you shouldn’t be and I will explain shortly.

image - Why Does the Salt Lamp Melt
Why Does the Salt Lamp Melt

You must promise me one thing, however, that if you see moisture building up in your lamp, you will wipe it off using an absorbent cloth first before you start getting panic.

Having a sweating lamp does not mean your lamp is bad or anything. It just shows the hygroscopic nature of salt.

When placed in humid areas, it tends to attract the water in the atmosphere that makes it sweat. Sweating is a pretty natural thing for salt lamps so don’t panic.

I know you can’t wait to know what makes your lamp sweat so I’ll get right to it along with actionable tips to make your SALT LAMP last for ages.

Why Does the Salt Lamp Melt?

I found it hard to believe when I first heard it too but it’s true. Do you think you’re the only one capable of sweating? Your lamps sweat too and they do so when they are placed in humid areas of your home.

Being hygroscopic, they draw moisture from the air. You see, the water is not from the lamp itself but moisture from the air. In a dry climate, there is no moisture to draw from the air so they stay dry.

So leaving your salt in places with high humidity, water condenses on the surface and starts dripping. You can still use your lamps in such places.

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Where These Lamps Should Not be Used?

image - Where These Lamps Should Not be Used

It all depends on where you place your salt lamps in your home. Make sure to avoid places with high rates of moisture in the house.

Below are key places you should avoid placing your salt lamps if you do not want leaks.

  • Kitchens
  • Laundromat
  • Bathrooms
  • Outdoor spaces
  • Beside windows

Tips to Keep Salt Lamps Clean and Maintained for Everlasting Use

The biggest challenge of SALT LAMP owners is how to maintain them. So below are some of the best tips to keep your lamp clean and in good shape for a very long time.

image - Keep Salt Lamps Clean and Maintained for Everlasting Use

Keep Your Lamp on All the Time

Your job is half done if you succeed in removing your lamp from areas with high humidity. The next thing you should do is always keep your lamp on. And no, having it on for a few hours more will not increase your utility bill.

image - Keep Your Lamp on All the Time

When you leave your lamp on for a long time, the water that collects on the surface, if any, will evaporate immediately.

Use a Moisture Absorber

image - Use a Moisture Absorber

A moisture absorber comes handy when you have it in the same room with your salt lamp to absorb the excess moisture in the air. This way, you won’t have to deal with a leaking or sweating Himalayan salt lamp.

Cover Your Lamp When Turned Off or When Storing Away

image - Cover Your Lamp When Turned Off or When Storing Away

Perhaps you will be gone for a few weeks or months, then it’s best to have your salt lamp wrapped in either bubble wrap or glad wrap. The wrap prevents moisture from building up on the surface of your lamp.

Alternatively, you can refer to your lamp maintenance guide for details on how to dry your lamp. You see, make sure you wipe off all drops of the saltwater from your furniture as it leaves behind salt crystals.

The base of your salt lamp also has some residue salt crystals that you should scrape off with a plastic tool. Avoid using metal scrapers to avoid causing permanent damage to your SALT LAMP.

Get a Higher Wattage Bulb

image - Get a Higher Wattage Bulb

With a higher wattage bulb, more heat is generated by the bulb to make any condensed water evaporate easily. It is advised to use bulbs of 25W or 30W for places with high humidity and it will also generate more negative ions.

So, What Next?

Observe how your table salt sweats when placed in humid areas. The same thing happens to salt lamps. So don’t fret. They will only melt when directly placed in water.

While sweating is normal for salt lamps, having it unattended for a long time could cause some serious damage to your lamp.

Left for a long time, the water collected erodes the wooden base of the lamps and ruins the aesthetics. With the maintenance tips above, we are sure you will not have leaking lamps anymore and you can finally make the most out of your Himalayan SALT LAMP.

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