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Why Should You Get a Himalayan Salt Lamp for Your Workplace?

Apart from their strikingly quaint presence and natural charms, there are several practical reasons for there being a salt lamp in your office or your study. Himalayan salt lamps possess unique properties which they inherit from the salt itself.

The salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range, most commonly through the Khewra salt mine in Pakistan.

This salt is imbued with ionizing agents which have a positive impact on your overall mood but let’s get to that part later.

image - Himalayan Salt Lamp for Your Workplace
Himalayan Salt Lamp for Your Workplace

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Benefits of Having It In Your Office Workplace

We all can relate to the grind of our work experience. At times, the workload gets too much and we just lack the drive to get through the day.

However, with a properly placed salt lamp, you can charge yourself up with enough energy to finish that report ten times over.

Himalayan salt lamps produce negative ions (ions that make you feel energized or refreshed) that counteract the positively charged ions (which are responsible for inducing lethargy) allowing you to approach your work with a can-do attitude.

Paradoxically, just as they can be used to freshen up they can also be used to let loose.

When have you felt like your eyes are starting to irritate while looking at your screen or your desk? That is usually due to the bright white lights that are universally installed in all workplaces.

Although the white light is conducive to a productive work environment, it can strain the eyes and resultantly, the mind when exposed to for a prolonged period.

On the contrary, the dim and smooth pink light emanating from a salt lamp is incredibly easy on the eyes and allows you to rest your eyelids after a tiring task.

Furthermore, Himalayan salt lamps also absorb electromagnetic radiation that is produced from electronic devices such as your phone or your laptop.

It doesn’t take any critical thought to consider this as an essential option for filling your desk space as most of us depend on our devices to work.

Finally, although the salt lamp has numerous benefits, let us not forget the primary reason why most people choose to buy it. The aesthetic appeal.

These charming salt lamps fit extremely well on any desk and their pinkish glow can add vibrancy and character to any office. You may want to declutter your desk a little to allow the lamp to really come into its own.

Precautions You Might Need to Take

image - Precautions

These lamps have been known to be quite the relaxant. In fact, their soothing effect is so potent that many therapists use them to soothe their clients using a method called crystal salt therapy.

Keeping that in mind, you may want to place it at a reasonable distance (far enough to not get lulled to sleep, yet near enough to benefit from its abilities).

The more you look at a salt lamp, the more relaxed you feel; hence, place it on a certain angle that it remains in your peripheral vision, but not in your direct line of sight.

Salt has a natural tendency to absorb water which then accumulates on its surface and starts dripping down when it gets too much. This combination of salt and water then proceeds to corrode the furniture it is placed on.

So, either avoid placing a salt lamp in humid environments such as a bathroom or kitchen, or keep a placemat under your lamp.

The metal reacts readily with salt, so avoid placing it on metallic surfaces if you live in a humid environment.

image - Benefits of Having Himalayan Salt Lamp In Your Office Workplace

Himalayan salt is among the most fragile types of salt that can break extremely easily. This is why Himalayan salt also costs more as mining it and processing it is extensive work.

Handle your lamp with care, and try to resist the temptation of toying with the salt inside the lamp (we’ve all been there).

Finally, you may want to keep your salt lamp out of the reach of both children and pets, especially if either of them is really curious. While Himalayan salt is not poisonous or otherwise harmful, too much of it can cause intestinal problems in pets as well as children.

Cats and babies in general love licking things, and in this case, it may come to haunt them later on. Now you know where the adage ‘curiosity killed the cat’ comes from.

Do not let the precautionary measures burst your bubble though.

Himalayan salt lamps generally pose no threat and are a great addition to any environment-especially workplaces. Go get yourself one and breathe a bit of life whilst adding depth to your workspace at the same time!

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