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Lawn Care Tips that Help to Maintain the Most Beautiful Lawn

There are a lot of things you need to do for your lawn to create the well-maintained lush green look that becomes the perfect place for summer picnics with family and friends.

An impeccably maintained lawn is not only pleasing for the eyes but an inviting place for wildlife and a foraging place for birds. Trusting the job of lawn maintenance to a lawn care franchise is the best way to ensure that the lawn stays in the best shape and holds its appeal throughout the year.

Lawns need a lot of care to keep the grass healthy and green, which only trained personnel of the franchise can ensure while you enjoy the beauty of the lawn that receives wide praise from guests and other visitors to your home.

The lawn care company does all the heavy lifting, and although you learn many things from them, it is not always feasible to try to do it on your own. Here are some lawn care tips that help to keep the grass green, healthy, and good-looking.

image - Lawn Care Tips that Help to Maintain the Most Beautiful Lawn
Lawn Care Tips that Help to Maintain the Most Beautiful Lawn

Regular Mowing

Regular mowing of the lawn at least once a week is the normal schedule during the summer months while doing it fortnight is enough for the other seasons like autumn, spring, and warm winters.

Regular trimming allows proper spreading of the roots so that the grass grows evenly across the lawn without gaps and effectively blocks out weeds.

Remember that the grass height should be longer during the summer months, about 5-10 cm so that it reduces the chances of grass turning brown when the weather is dry.

Proper cutting depends on the right use of the mower by ensuring its smooth operations with sharp blades that help to maintain the proper height of the grass.

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Optimal watering of lawns by avoiding too much watering is essential to maintain good grass health. Overwatering of lawns is a problem because it results in poor grass growth because it develops shallow roots.

Sprinklers can help with automated watering of lawns and are perfect for keeping lawns hydrated, but restrictions in using mains water can hinder your plan of using sprinklers.

You can use water from your bath or washing up bowl, and using rainwater is also a good option. Lawns turning brown in summer are quite normal and will turn green when the rains come.

Lawn Weeding

Lawns need adequate sunlight for good grass growth, and regular weeding is necessary to remove unwanted covering created by larger trees.

The wide leaves of dandelions and plantains can create shadows over large areas and inhibit the growth of grass at those places.

By using various techniques like raking and a hand trowel to remove dandelions and plantain leaves, you can keep the lawn free from other weeds like clover, buttercups, and yellow meddick.

Relieve too Many Compact Grasses

Compacted grounds prevent good grass growth that can lead to bare patches during the warm summer months and mud baths in winter.

Good lawn care consists of relieving the compaction with a garden fork that facilitates aeration.

As the soil opens up, the roots can breathe easily and encourage grass growth.

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